May 21

Sigil PD: Chapter 18, Part 2

Character (4) head


Balancing chores vs prep, motivation issues & quest cards


The game prep yesterday was not as good as it should have been. This week is proving very difficult to balance the chores with the writing. Once more, I am struggling for motivation, which happens all too frequently.


Regardless, I did make some progress. The vital session outline has been started, and I am returning to the Sigil PD mindset. I have given some thought to the Quest cards mechanic I plan to introduce next session. A little more work here is required, but the process has been set in motion.


With so few targets achieved yesterday, there is little news to share with you. This weekend is full of birthday party tasks, but I still hope to squeeze in some writing. I cannot sort chores for the entire weekend. Thus, there should be time to work on more of the game upgrades and setting enhancements.


I shall report back next week.


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The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


May 21

Tales of the Dice 18: Knighting


18 Knighting


Earlier this month I visited Diceni, the local gaming convention in Norwich.


This was one of those comics which rather wrote itself. Diceni = Dice Ni!


Issue 17: Comparing can be found here.


Happy Gaming



Click on the picture for a larger version.


See the Tales of the Dice page for a complete listing of issues.



May 20

Crestfallen Kickstarter Funds



I am very pleased to announce that the Crestfallen Kickstarter funded overnight. Many congratulations to Dan.


There are another fifteen days to run on the campaign, so there is a strong chance of several Stretch Goals being completed. For those who missed the previous article, the campaign page describes the game as follows:


Crestfallen is a bronze age fantasy roleplaying game, set in a world of gods, spirits and wild places. It uses the Fate Core rpg system, and is written by Dan Hiscutt. It contains everything you need to play.

You play heroes struggling to survive in a hostile environment, the natural world is unravelling and trying to kill you. The Gods may help you, or use you as a pawn in their schemes. Your friends may help you, or pull you deeper into trouble. The spirit world may help you, or it’s inhabitants might possess you and take your body for a joyride.

I remain excited by this game as it is based in the Bronze Age. I have long preferred time period for fantasy games, rather then the familiar medieval period. Dan has created some interesting races and the setting has a strong emphasis on shamanism. These are all things I want to adapt into my game.


Funding for Crestfallen closes late Thursday, 4th June. This campaign is now funded and the first of the Stretch Goals will be announced soon.


Support Crestfallen for a cool Bronze Age setting.


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The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Epyllion by Marissa Kelly, an epic dragon RPG.


May 19

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 17

Each Separate Dying Ember 

Sigil Courier

Afternoon, Quarryday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1029


Castle Coup

After a morning of riot, the terrorized townsfolk of Iastra were almost overwhelmed by a sudden wave of trolls who sped through the town. Garbled reports from the fugitives suggested all manner of chaos within Castle Iastra.

Somehow the arrival of the Duke of Mirlac precipitated a sudden rebellion by Lady Ice’s hitherto loyal major-domo. But what had caused Borislav to rebel?

Further enquiries by your Humble Correspondent only seemed to confuse the story further. By all accounts, the Duke’s loyal bodyguard took decisive action to save Lady Ice, but was overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

As the Duke himself watched, the Lady’s prized lightning chandelier fell from the ceiling and immolated her. At this point, her previously loyal trolls immediately fled the Castle. It fell to the Duke to pick up the mantle of leadership and restore order to the Castle and the town it protects.

Read the in-depth report on Page 6.


Art Prodigy

All is not gloom and darkness in the blighted land of Terovia. In The Sigil Courier’s final report from this monochromatic land, I interviewed promising young artist from Iastra.

Critics are amazed at the variety and depths of colour found in the work of this young artist. Canvasses which seem dull and flat in native Terovia become a riot of colour and energy when imported into the City of Doors.

In an exclusive interview, the artist reveals his secret muse.

Read the full story on Page 4.


In other news

Do your houseplants always die? Tired of watering them endlessly? Then try the latest craze, undead blooms.

Read the FULL STORY on Page 11.


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The Sigil Courier series are the session summaries from the Sigil PD cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



May 19

Sigil PD: Chapter 18, Part 1

Character (4) head



The final confrontation, rules issues & heading back to Sigil


The game on Saturday was as short as I had expected. We wrapped up the My Life with Master interlude, culminating in the death of the Master.


However, the path to achieving this was not eased by the rules. The clever method of comparing the statistics in different ways according to the task being attempted proved hard work to implement at the table. For all the brilliant premise of the game, we struggled with the execution. We shall definitely play another game in the style of My Life with Master, but perhaps using HeroQuest instead.


Thankfully, our minor troubles with the rules did not affect our enjoyment of the experience. The story was a lot of fun, and we improvised some great moments of horror. We shall return to this concept to create the backstory for villainous organisations in the future.


For now, however, the campaign is returning to Sigil. This coming weekend sees the birthday party for my youngest son, which means no game. Instead, I shall be busy with chores. This is not quite as fun.


So, the prep for this week is little more than the administrative tasks for the last session. I probably should take a look at some of the background tasks for the setting, to re-immerse myself in Sigil. I also have some game upgrades to include, so they also need to be sorted. Thus it is a quiet week for my prep.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


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