Sep 03

Sigil PD: Chapter 27, Part 2

Character (4) head


Summer schedule, no fourth Player & limited plot intervention


My summer schedule adequately juggled the competing demands of childcare and my writing. However, this week it started to show the strain. Thus, I only completed my minimal prep for next session this morning. The session outline is finished, and I listed the abilities for the challenges currently threatening the Heroes.


However, it appears the fourth Player will not be attending on Saturday. After the initial surge of interest, enthusiasm seems to be fading. Once again, we are back to three Players, with one about to depart for paternity leave. I can run the game with just two Players, but it is a precarious position. The search for fresh blood continues.


We have not cancelled the campaign just yet, so there is still hope. I head into the weekend excited to see what happens to the Heroes in the Red Maze. There is a plot twist I want to throw at the Players, but it all depends upon the actions they take. I am reluctant to steer the plot too much, which ensures I am surprised by the story too.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


Sep 03

The September Return of the Warlock’s Journal


journal squareFirst there was the Jedi . . .

Then there was the King . . .

Now we have . . .

The Return of the Warlock’s Journal.


After a summer break, the Journal has resumed its site-hopping travels, and moved to a new home for September.


The host for this glorious return is Vicki Potter at Tabletop Adventures. The topic of the Ninja Nights contest is as follows:


The object is to describe a place for a ninja. The original idea was to request descriptions of the headquarters of a band of ninjas, such as a stone fortress on a remote mountaintop, or a house hidden in a teeming city. That seemed to restrict the ninjas too much, however, so entries can describe any place for a ninja, whether it be a narrow ledge outside a victim’s window, or a hidden place behind a curtain in the throne room of a patron where the ninja waits for a cue to do away with an enemy.


Entries can be for any genre, system neutral, and describe a suitable location for a ninja. This contest limits entries to a 500 word maximum, with a 100 word minimum. First prize is $15 store credit at DriveThru RPG. The deadline for entries is September 14th.


All the voting rules, and the additional details about the contest can be found at Tabletop Adventures.


Best of luck, and get designing.



Follow this link for a full list of the Warlock Journal Contests to date.


Sep 02

Tales of the Dice 33: Powering


33 Powering


Tales of the Dice returns to the world of Glorantha.


I previously mined Glorantha for humour in Issue 31, Browsing.


That issue attracted a lot of interest, so I thought I would see if I could repeat the process. I keep on pushing those boundaries.


Issue 32, Cooling, can be found here.


Happy Chuckling



Click on the picture for a larger version.


See the Tales of the Dice page for a complete listing of issues.


Sep 02

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 26

By Lifting Winds Forgot

Sigil Courier

Morning, Lawsday, Communication Week, Delve Season, 1034

What Stalks the Red Maze?

The Lady of Sigil is famous for the many mazes she uses for impromptu justice in the City of Doors. Rumour, supposition and outright fabrication surround these mysterious realms of isolation.

Until today.

A reliable source has approached The Sigil Courier with intimate knowledge of the so-called Red Fungus Maze. This particular prison features a distinctive red mould covering the walls. Allegedly, this is the same mould which feeds the insane guardian of the maze.

“There’s something in there, feeding on the mould, growing endlessly,” explained the anonymous source. “I heard the buzzing, and maybe some voices, but I didn’t stay to see whatever it was. And the ceiling is dripping with swords. Dripping I tell you!”

Read the in-depth report on Page 4.


Divinity Scholars gather

Anticipation mounts amongst The Lost for the seasonal Divine Philosophy Convocation. Scholars, Philosophers and all manner of barstool evangelists are arriving in Sigil to rattle their bone boxes over the finer points of divine manifestation.

Citizens who prefer their deities at a distance are advised to steer clear of the Hall of Speakers tomorrow. This temple of the spoken word is hosting the Convocation for the thirty-seventh season in a row.

Your Humble Correspondent has already had one fine coffee ruined by over-enthusiastic “scholars” polluting an otherwise quiet coffee house.

Clearly, it is possible to have too much communication.

Read the full story on Page 7.


In other news

Are the Sigillian fogs scented? We are all accustomed to the thickened atmosphere which shrouds our city. Lately, however, these mists have carried an unusual smell. Have you noticed this too?

Read the FULL STORY on Page 13.


Happy Gaming



The Sigil Courier series are the session summaries from the Sigil PD cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


Sep 01

Sigil PD: Chapter 27, Part 1

Character (4) head


A Sigil maze, a frenzied lamprey & reduced game prep


Saturday’s roleplaying was hugely fun for me, and the Players seemed to enjoy it too. After some initial discussion, the Players were happy to pursue the infiltration plot. From this point, the story expanded very naturally.


The session ended with the Heroes in an “abandoned” maze. The lone Hero has sent a giant lamprey into a frenzy with blood poured from a strange chalice. Meanwhile, the backup Heroes have the infinity worm guardian bearing down on them.


Trouble the Players trigger themselves is always satisfying. This is the kind of plot generation I love, where the Players do all the hard work for me. The current situation ensures I have very little game prep this week. I am grateful for this, as time is short.


Primarily I have the usual post-game admin, and the session outline. I also need some rough abilities for the two attacking creatures. Beyond these relatively simple tasks, there is not much else to prepare.


With luck, we may have another new Player join us next week. I really hope this can happen, as we need a larger group ready for the extended paternity leave of one of the regulars. The endless struggle for new Players continues.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


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