Oct 08

Whispers of a GM: October Drive


TalesOfAGM CrossBack in July I launched of Whispers of a GM, the newsletter about Tales of a GM and my assorted writings.


If you would like a weekly roundup of Tales of a GM goodness, then the newsletter is for you. I currently send out Whispers of a GM weekly, although I may issue special editions when I launch a pdf or have some other important news I want to share immediately.


Last week I wrote issue 13, so I have settled into a good routine with sending out the newsletter. However, the number of sign-ups has tailed off. Thus, I am inviting you once more to join the list and never miss out on the latest article here at Tales of a GM.


I hope you will subscribe, and I look forward to emailing you soon.


Sign up to Whispers of a GM here.

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Oct 07

Tales of the Dice 38: Numbering


38 Numbering


You see, I can do comics without puns!


This issue was prompted by my two boys having a strange counting game on the way to school. I don’t pretend to understand where the appeal lay in their game, but it was making them laugh. Anyway, it set me thinking, and this was the outcome.


Maybe the puns will be back for next week.


Issue 37, Appearing, can be found here.


Happy Chuckling



Click on the picture for a larger version.


See the Tales of the Dice page for a complete listing of issues.



Oct 07

Galactic Gadgets: One week on


journal squareLast week I announced the return of the Warlock’s Journal to Tales of a GM.


Yet again, I have secured some incredible prizes. Ennead Games has kindly agreed to sponsor another round of the Warlock’s Journal. The prize for this gadget creation contest is a $20 voucher for DriveThruRPG and a digital copy of an Ennead Games book.


So, let us take a look at the sort of book you could choose.



Super SpellsSuperlative Spells Volume 3 – Random Collection 1

This is the latest addition to Ennead’s Superlative Spells range. This series focuses upon what makes fantasy so fantastic: magic.


The product page on DriveThruRPG describes the book as follows:

This volume in the Superlative Spells series covers a random collection of spells created initially with a randomised generator.

The spells you’ll find in this volume:

  • Binding Treaty – Force two or more people to abide to a truce/treaty for a short period of time.
  • Disgusting Vitality – Gain health from a disgusting act
  • Elemental Body – Take on appearance and minor effect from one of the 4 main elements.


And the list goes on.


Find out more at the Superlative Spells Volume 3 – Random Collection 1 page on DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


Storm&Shield LogoThe Contest: Galactic Gadgets

For this contest we turn our attention to the equipment used by agents of Storm & Shield. What Galactic Gadgets do the highly-trained agents use as they travel the cosmos? A utilitarian screwdriver? A pan-galactic blaster? A pen from Department Q which transforms into a sniper rifle?


Can you design the item carried by agents of Storm & Shield in their back pocket?


See the contest launch post for the complete entry requirements.


The closing date is 14th October, so time is slowly running out. No entries have yet been received, and you still have time to think about your own entry.


However, the contest closes next week, so do not take too long. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best of luck


Oct 06

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 30

Pinnacles Far and Free

Sigil Courier

Morning, Quarryday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1034


Te-Moana-Tapu: Mother of All Seas

Here in our urban paradise, it can be difficult to remember how so much of the cosmos is bleak and barren. Many live far from the myriad of daily conveniences we take for granted.

One such place is the endless deeps of Te-Moana-Tapu, the plane of water. Imagine a three-dimensional realm full of water and, well, not much else. Apologies to our merrow readers, but endless water is not to the taste of everyone.

Oh yes, there are pockets of solid matter, and precious bubbles of air. Yet these oases are few and far between. The Great Mother Ocean provides every need to her children, but there are few of the amenities we take for granted here at the centre of the Cosmos.

For a plane dedicated to all forms of liquid, a decent coffee is hard to find on Te-Moana.

Read the in-depth report on Page 5.


Fall in Crude Oil imports

Traders in oil commodities report a sudden drop in imports.

Has something happened to block the flow of this precious fuel? Artificers and numerous clockwork inevitables from across the City of Doors lament the sudden rise in prices. There have been rumours of panic buying in the Grand Bazaar.

“Any break in the flow of oil is but a temporary event,” responded Haraki Village Reaver of Deep Port, in darkest Te-Moana-Tapu. “My office is in close negotiations with several prominent exporters, who assure me there are several large shipments inbound on the Styx. Ours is the finest source of crude, so customers must be prepared to pay a premium price.”

Read the full story on Page 9.


In other news

Have you seen the Black Devil Cat? Witnesses are confused about the exact description, but a deformed face is a common feature.

“Lock up your spawn,” insisted one frantic witness.

Read the FULL STORY on Page 12.



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The Sigil Courier series are the session summaries from the Sigil PD cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



Oct 06

Sigil PD: Chapter 31, Part 1

Character (4) head


Plane of Water, taking a break & that scanning again


Saturday’s game involved a trip to Te-Moana, the Plane of Water. I combined some Player brainstorming with an ongoing plot to produce a small quest away from the City of Doors. Given that we are playing in Sigil, it makes sense for the Heroes to travel around the Cosmos at least some of the time.


Due to my poor week, I produced a chunk of game prep right before the game. This is not the best way to prepare, but at least I had some idea for an instigating event to throw at the Heroes. The trio of Players took the bait admirably, and a fun session was achieved.


I am now heading into a two week break, as I have to care for the boys over the next two Saturdays. This is a shame, yet gives me a chance to work on other things. The prep plan for tomorrow focuses on the last of the administrative tasks from the previous session. Also, I really should scan in those documents which are cluttering up my GM folder. Once these are out of the way, I can look at some long-term tasks.


This is a welcome change in pace for the game prep, but I must ensure the time is not wasted.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


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