Mar 29

The Warlock’s Journal is Coming


Storm&Shield LogoThe roving Warlock’s Journal is returning to Tales of a GM for April.


In the previous round of the Storm & Shield contest, Tessa Starwind was voted leader of the Inner Council.


For the fourth contest we turn our attention to Hanna Crip, arch-nemesis to Storm & Shield. What dastardly plot is Hanna planning? What crisis faces the newly-appointed Tessa Starwind?


Sponsored by Ennead Games, the contest Storm & Shield: Cosmic Crisis launches at Tales of a GM on 1st April. Along with full entry details, there will be a complete rundown of the generous prizes on offer. Ennead Games have even provided a prize for every entry.


Ennead Games


Come back to Tales of a GM in early April for all the terms and conditions to the Storm & Shield: Cosmic Crisis contest.


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Mar 27

March Blog Carnival: Best GM Ever


RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallTime marches, and the season turns. The new month brings a new host to the RPG Blog Alliance Carnival.


Last month the host was V at the Leicester’s Ramble blog, and I wrote about how I write.


The new host is Mark, at Creative Mountain Games. The theme for this month is the Best GM Ever. Mark describes the theme at his blog as follows:


This month on the RPG Blog Carnival, there will be a lot of discussion about the “Best GM Ever.” Some folks will contend it is one particular person they met, either recently or back in their distant memory, who ran a game so enthralling the players speak of it every chance they get.

However, other folks will post that it is someone else, someone who has a particular set of skills, skills that they have seen in part here and there spread out among many GMs.


Always the GM

My gaming experiences over the last few years have centred on being the GM, which makes this article something of a challenge. Many of our sessions involve lots of Player collaboration, and I have participated in some of our interludes as a Player, but this is not the same as being a dedicated Player.


After such a long stint of being the GM, I really should find a way to play in some games. I am sure even a one-shot would be both fun and informative. However, the opportunity is not presenting itself, and I enjoy running HeroQuest so much I am in no hurry to pass the reins of GM-ing to anyone else.


Which brings me back to the problems of writing about the Best GM, when I have little recent experience of being a Player. Therefore, I shall turn to a pair of GMs I have known from my gaming history.


First GM

As with girlfriends, we always remember our first GM.


I cannot exactly recall how we began playing Basic D&D. This was shortly before the release of the classic Red Box, and the exact sequence of events is lost in the mists of time. My first character was an Elf, which was a class all to itself in Basic, and mine was a terribly derivative character.


However, this article is focused on my splintered memories of Gavin, my first GM. Sadly, I cannot recall too much about it. We played for at least several months, and explored assorted dungeons, in the style of D&D in the early ’80s.


Here I am, still in the hobby over 30 years later, which proves the experience was great. We had loads of fun, in that early rush of manic enthusiasm for an exciting world freshly discovered.


With all respect for Gavin, the chances are he was not a perfect GM. We were all learning in those days, and I am sure I made plenty of errors when I began. However, whatever Gavin may have lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm. He set me on the path of a life-long hobby, and I shall be forever grateful to him.



Longest Campaign

The second GM who stands out for me is Lyndon, who I met when I joined an RPG club after I moved to a new town. Lyndon was running the epic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay  campaign The Enemy Within.


As a Player, this amazing tale is easily the longest campaign I have ever played. Lyndon ran a grim and gritty game, truly in the style of Warhammer. I think my character, another elf, was the longest surviving character, which said a lot about the reckless choices of the other Players, and the sheer lethality of the system.


The campaign was full of character, and Lyndon took great pains to keep the large group of Players engaged and on-track with the sprawling plot. His hard work and dedication provided us with an epic campaign.



Having been the GM for our group for at least two years, I can appreciate the effort Lyndon put in, and the infectious enthusiasm of Gavin. I am reminded again how I need to play a lot more games, but my schedule does not give me the time. However, I am grateful for the gaming pleasure Gavin and Lyndon gave me.


Read all the current entries to the March Carnival at Creative Mountain Games.


Which GMs have influenced you? Whose game do you remember with fond memories? Share your thoughts with your fellow GMs in the comments below.


Happy Playing


Follow this link to learn more about the RPG Blog Alliance.


Something for the Weekend next week: Trollbabe and Relationships in RPGs


Mar 26

Sigil PD: Chapter 13, Part 2

Character (4) head


Name lists, character generation & learning new rules


Despite the change in schedule, I was productive with my game prep. I now have a list of suitable character names and location names for the new setting. I doubt we shall need them all, but it pays to be prepared. These location lists are very good for ensuring a consistent tone for a culture.


I also prepared some sheets for the brainstorming part of the next session. These will be printed tomorrow night, when I also hope to work a little more on My Life with Master. The character sheet at the back of the rules has a lot of game information included on it, but I still need to revisit the character generation rules, and the mechanics. While we are not going to be using these rules during our interlude game, the Players will better understand the character generation process if I can explain the basics of the rules to them.


My favourite method for learning the rules of a new game is to create summary sheets. The creation of these summaries requires me to think about the mechanics, and how to describe them in brief notes. By processing the information in this way, I find I learn the rules.


How do you learn a new set of rules?


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The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


Mar 25

Tales of the Dice 10: Retching


10 Retching


After the break previously, it is rewarding to be back posting the comic regularly. There are many facets to living with cats, not all of them pleasant.


Issue 9, Quoting, can be found here.


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Click on the picture for a larger version.

Mar 24

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 12

 Less Hideously Serene 

Sigil Courier

Late morning, Marchday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1034.

Clash of Generations

Awed by the caffeine-laced wonders of Udzow of Tymora, your Humble Correspondent has revisited Market Ward’s most fashionable coffee house: The Quill and Pot.

Located on Market Way, and conveniently close to the Grand Bazaar, The Quill and Pot is a welcome oasis of cuisine and high-culture.

Or is it?

Yes, Dear Reader, an underlying of generational tension mars the otherwise genteel atmosphere. Two competing factions fight to establish the prevailing culture.

Clustered around the serving hatch, and clearly in awe of Udzow’s talents, are the young poets and philosophers, vanguards of the future. These Factols-in-the-making bicker over theology and the works of obscure poets.

Deeper in the coffee house, huddled around the fire, are the old guard, muttering over their stock portfolios and the presumptions of youth.

‘Twas ever thus.

Read the in-depth report on Page 4.


The march of Shivvel

Have you been scenting aniseed on the air?

I expect you to the answer in the affirmative, for The Sigil Courier has reason to believe this vile drug, so beloved of the Sensates, is once more plaguing the great City of Doors.

Those shrivel-eared addicts have even been sighted at the Quill and Pot, clear proof this is no longer a problem in the Hive alone.

Read the full story on Page 6.


In other news

A sudden influx of trolls disrupted traffic in Market Ward this morning. These creatures, normally not seen abroad in daylight, were swathed in hooded cloaks.

Read the FULL STORY on Page 12.


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The Sigil Courier series are the session summaries from the Sigil PD cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.

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