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Jun 23

June ‘17 Carnival: Chasing Gonzo

  The travelling RPG Blog Carnival continues to jump from one blog to another. While I devoted a lot of time to the February topic, the monthly host continues to change. I try to contribute to the monthly carnival as best I can.   In June, the latest host is Mark Craddock at the Cross …

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Jun 23

Legend of Dragons, Chapter 6, Part 1

  Improvising D&D Fighting Fantasy RPG Prepared Adventures   As roleplaying returns on Saturday, my thoughts also turn to the Legend of Dragons campaign I run for the boys. My time is limited, but I still want to develop the boys’ love of roleplaying with our Basic Dungeons & Dragons game.   My aim is …

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Jun 22

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 19, Part 7

  Game day pressures Story elements Speedy improv prep   As Saturday nears, the pressure to have a game ready to run increases. Yesterday was supposed to be devoted to game prep, but too many chores intervened. Yet, it was not a total loss, as I worked through the various rules updates I need to …

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Jun 21

Tales of the Dice 113: Slimming

    Yes, the King is here for another week.   I think this might be all for now, and time to move along to another set of dice for next week. There is still another set of comedy dice to introduce to you, if I can think of a suitable gag in time. Come …

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Jun 21

A GM Reads: Dawn of Amber

  My revised reading challenge for 2017 is to focus upon what a GM can take from the books I read. I lift out characters, events, creatures, plots or themes from each book. As a GM, you still need to read the book to gain the most benefit, but each review brings a few ideas …

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