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Feb 13

Updated: The One Ring Fellowship Formation

  The Lord of the Rings is arguably the ur-text for fantasy roleplaying, especially games in the high-fantasy mode. Therefore, it is no surprise that Middle Earth is a popular property for RPGs. I have fond memories of playing MERP, and still have a small collection of the incredibly detailed setting books from Iron Crown …

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Feb 06

Updated: Elf or Scroll, Handling the Info dump

  One of the main tasks of the GM is to impart information to the Players. Environment, setting and historical details are only known to the Players, and thereby relevant at the table, if the GM passes this information along to the Players.   Yet, there are many methods for the GM to impart this …

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Jan 24

Updated: Mr Micawber & Game Prep

  Here is a breakthrough I stumbled upon for speeding up my game prep. The secret to this faster prep routine was to abandon writing the prose accounts of each session. It was a shame to lose this feature of our campaign, but I struggled for time, and something had to go. Subsequently, my prep …

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Dec 17

Dragonmeet 2016: The Swag

  This week I conclude my coverage of Dragonmeet 2016 with a quick review of the items I bought at the convention.   Last week I posted an overview of my day at Dragonmeet.   Even though the highlight of the day was meeting gamer fiends, I enjoyed my time browsing the trade hall. I …

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Nov 25

November ‘16 Carnival: Mixing Gaming with Life

  The months have turned, and November brings the travelling RPG Blog Carnival to Mike Bourke at Campaign Mastery.     Mike nominated an intriguing theme for the month.   The Campaign Mastery site outlines the topic like this:   The theme is Ordinary Life. This is a deceptively plain brown wrapper for a variety …

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