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Apr 20

Tales of the Dice 104: Angering

    A day late, but I have reached the conclusion of Volume II. That is a worthy achievement.   I am in the process of compiling the Volume I issues into a pdf. This gives me some perspective on how far the webcomic has progressed, as well as ideas for future developments. With luck, Tales …

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Apr 12

Tales of the Dice 103: Hardening

    Less pun, and more geek wordplay today. I suspect this could be the start of another series. This greatly helps my productivity, rather than thinking up a gag from scratch each week.   Also, back to the proper schedule, which is always encouraging.   Issue 102, Yellowing, can be found here Issue 104, …

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Apr 05

Tales of the Dice 102: Yellowing

    Firstly, sorry about the break in publication. The last week of term was very busy for me. I know I should worry less about my deadlines, especially when my time is limited. However, it was only a short break.   So here we are in the forest, in the spring. Another seasonal dice …

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Mar 23

Tales of the Dice 101: Metalling

    A very old-school pun for today. Indeed, it was so retro that I carefully combed through a summary of my previous gags to make sure I had not made this pun already. As you can see, there was no prior use of this version of the pun.   Some days I long for …

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Mar 15

Tales of the Dice 100: Infantilizing

    Wow, 100 issues! That is a lot of puns.   It would have been cool to have a special issue cued up to celebrate. However, I am not that organzed. Sadly, all I have for you this week is another dice pun. Just like the last 100 issues!   Issue 99, Riddling, can …

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