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Aug 17

Tales of the Dice 121: Boozing

    Yet another Star Wars-themed webcomic.   This is certainly enough for the current run, and may yet be the last in the series. However, the Admiral Ackbar gag still has a lot of potential. So, we might just see another in a few weeks.   Issue 120, Drinking, can be found here If you …

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Aug 09

Tales of the Dice 120: Drinking

    Back to another Star Wars-themed comic.   This week I remembered to change up the font size after creating the title. Issue 120 is thus a lot easier to read than 119. I know this is essentially the same gag again, as seen in issue 117, but it really does amuse me.   …

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Aug 03

Tales of the Dice 119: Dicing

    Welcome to another new set of chatty dice!   As noted elsewhere on the blog, the #RPGaDAY project is running again online. I participate here, and on Twitter. The dice, however, are not impressed. This gives me an idea . . . .   On reflection, the font is a little small. I …

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Jul 26

Tales of the Dice 118: Beaching

    Yes, a return to the Green King, as I promised earlier. I want to make the most of this gag, to encourage me to explore using more props with the dice. There are many more options rattling around the boys toy drawers.   This is also my first webcomic of the long summer …

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Jul 20

Tales of the Dice 117: Catering

    Yes, another Star Wars-themed issue of the webcomic, featuring everyone’s favourite rebel Admiral. Also, a sequel to last week.   It is time to move on from this seam of jokes, but I am sure to return. The jokes this year have come in pairs, or more. There must be an old joke …

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