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Jun 14

Tales of the Dice 112: Saying

    The strip for today is a little special, as it is the first brand new set of dice characters for almost a year. The last new additions were the Jungle dice, all the way back in issue 64.   Furthermore, this is the first comic strip to use props. I want to do …

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Jun 09

Tales of the Dice 111: Continuing

    This week’s ongoing joke is a joke about dice jokes ongoing.   Sadly, the latest issue was delayed as a result of the chores and related tasks cluttering my life. The distraction of an election did not help either. I really hope I can rejoin my regular schedule next week. Two long school …

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May 31

Tales of the Dice 110: Joking

    This gag came to me while re-visiting the first 52 issues of the comic for the forthcoming compilation pdf of Tales of the Dice: Volume I.    In a way, it is covering similar ground to previous jokes. However, this one seems more elegant that previous attempts. Either way, it amused me and I …

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May 24

Tales of the Dice 109: Teaming

    The team of superheroes is now complete.   This is really only the start of the team’s adventures, but I think it is time for a change. I want to return to some of the other strips for a few issues, maybe revisit another running gag, and then we can return to our …

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May 17

Tales of the Dice 108: Picking

    So now all the Heroes have a name. I am sure you can see where I am heading with this. Even so, I want to keep running with this series for the moment. I will break it up with some of the other strips, but not just yet.   Maybe one more trio, …

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