Sep 11

Warlock’s Journal Contest


Here is another cool contest for you.

Matthew Pauze at Warlock’s Sanctum Games is running a systemless design contest. Full details are available on the Contest Page, but the basics are these;

  • Minimum 250 words
  • Systemless content, but you can include stats if you wish, although I assume that these will NOT count towards the minimum word count.
  • Closing date is October 12th
  • Prize is a $10 DrivethruRPG certificate

The topic for the contest is;

Items of Power
Items of power can be anything from magic to super science depending on the setting. What makes them stand out are their abilities and sometimes histories

If you are short of ideas, or need something to kickstart your creativity, then why not try this Magic Artifact Generator over at the brilliant Chaotic Shiny site. I have had a lot of fun with Hannah’s excellent generators, and they are guaranteed to throw up exactly the sort of quirky results that you need to spur you to making something that will stand out.

Example results that I generated just now were;

This flail was forged by a great seer and is inset with tigerseye.

This pair of greaves was forged by elves and seems to blur when moved.

The full entries on Chaotic Shiny are much longer, but this should be enough to see the quality of the results, and to start thinking about working the result up into a full contest entry. That Seer’s Flail, for example, has cool imagery, sorting the divinatory wheat from the chaff. I might just run with that one.

See what Chaotic Shiny can do for you.

Best of luck