Aug 27

Reading Around: The Theoi Project


The previous Reading around was the awesome indie RPG octaNe by Jared A. Sorensen.


Today I have a different type of reading recommendation for you. The Theoi Project is an incredible website, and a highly useful resource for the world-building GM. The site describes itself as follows:


Welcome to the Theoi Project, a site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, free reference guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), fabulous creatures (theres) and heroes of ancient Greek mythology and religion.


The Greek Pantheon is very much the archetype for the meddling Gods so frequently encountered in FRP games. Thus, this site is the perfect place to sifting for mythological ideas to steal for your game.


The Theoi Project features over 1,500 pages, so there is sure to be something of use for you and your setting.


Visit The Theoi Project to learn more about these fascinating myths.


Happy Gaming

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