Sep 17

Prep in Progress; Chapter 38, Part 1


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.


Once again, I was happy with the HeroQuest 2 Session on Saturday. We had less than the normal amount of time to play, as I needed to run through the basics of the rules for the Guest Players. My late decision to switch out the big plot for something of a one-shot was a good call, and the short plot worked well for everyone. This gave the Guest Players a better story arc than if we had tried to continue with the bigger storyline.


Of course, as we will be back to normal for next week, then it is a return to the main plot. After so long moving towards the island, it will be a relief to finally arrive. There is a lot of prep that still needs to be done, but the island is unusual, with some interesting avenues to explore. There will be a trio of handouts for three different Players to read out to the group, which should give everyone something to think about. I hope to work through this a little more tomorrow, and then have a better idea of what sort of options are available to the Heroes.