Sep 18

Reading Around: Wonders & Marvels

Introducing Reading Around

In a recent episode of the superb Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff podcast, the erudite Ken Hite stated that all GMs should be reading history.

Undoubtedly, every GM needs to read around their genre, and perhaps further afield, to cross-pollinate their game with fresh ideas. To help you achieve this, I shall introduce you to some of the sources I have found for fascinating ideas suitable to include in a game

Wonders & Marvels

I appreciate that sometimes we do not have the time to read through an entire history book, so I am starting this series with a look at Wonders & Marvels. This wonderful website is

a place for specialists and non-specialists to revel in the stories of the past.

Entries are written by academics, so you know the history is solid. However, the articles are short and generally easy to follow. The site is not themed, so the subject matter can vary wildly. Yet, this range means that you are more likely to find something of interest. There are several email subscription options, so you can manage how frequently you are sent a Digest of the latest articles.

Recent articles include;

So, a very mixed selection, but the quality of the information is high. I always find something of interest, and reading around can always spark new ideas.

Just as Ken knew it would.

I now need to work out how to rain burning sand on my Heroes.

Happy Gaming