Sep 04

Prep in Progress: Chapter 24, Part 2


Poor wifi, improv notes & pre-game admin


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.


The amount of game prep I completed yesterday was small. The final details on the session outline did not take long. Then, the coffee shop wifi let me down, so there was no work on the Wiki. This leaves me still needing to upload the write up for the last session, so this is falling behind. I must push on with the Wiki, otherwise the backlog is going to start growing again.


On the other hand, I did put in some time on my improv notes. I am trying to draw together ideas from Fate, Dungeon World and Red Tide. I need to produce individual sheets to create the backgrounds for villages, towns, keeps and cities. Each sheet will draw together the elements related to that type of settlement. This should make the creation process easier at the table, as it will avoid the need to shift back-and-forth between multiple sheets. So, some good progress with the game design process.


Hopefully I will find the time to update the Wiki a little tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise, there is just the standard pre-game admin to work through before Saturday’s game. We will then have a break the following Saturday, which really should give me the time to clear more of the backlog on the Wiki.


Before that, however, is Saturday’s game, which I hope will enjoy more of the Player-led plotting and general improvisation that we all enjoyed last week.


Happy Gaming


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