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Kickstarting 13th Age in Glorantha: Modern RPG & classic setting


The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Spirit of 77, a funky 1970s RPG written by David Kizzia and Bob Richardson.




Here is the next of the awesome September crowdfunding projects. As the title suggest, 13th Age in Glorantha is a supplement to 13th Age that focuses on the world of Glorantha. Arguably the greatest RPG setting, Glorantha is now being given the 13th Age treatment. The campaign page describes the game as follows:


13th Age in Glorantha is a hardbound full-colour 196+ page roleplaying supplement that brings the award-winning 13th Age rules to Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha. 13th Age in Glorantha teams up the original designers of 13th Age, Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with their 13th Age comrade Ash Law and with the designer at the heart of the new Gloranthan renaissance, Jeff Richard. . . not to mention the marvellous Gloranthan artists who follow Jeff’s art direction.

The book’s classes, monsters, and rules are compatible with existing 13th Age games while opening new doors to myth-crawling adventure in the legendary setting of Glorantha. As a standalone supplement, 13th Age in Glorantha doesn’t repeat the rules presented in the 13th Age core rulebook; you will need the 13th Age core rulebook to play.


I love the depth of Glorantha, and the number of cool ideas that it brings together. My Tales of the Hero Wars campaign is set in a version of Glorantha, and here is a fantastic opportunity to explore the setting further. The Kickstarter is also producing a special 128 page Glorantha source book that will open up the world to gamers. This book will complement the epic Guide to Glorantha that Moon Design recently published.


If all this were not enough, the campaign is also steaming through the stretch goals. Already unlocked are Trolls as a playable race, and being Gloranthan Trolls, this will be a lot different from the green, regenerating trolls of typical f20 games. Also, unlocked is the Crimson Bat, champion of the Red Moon. If you like fantasy with a twist, then you need to look at this campaign.


Funding for 13th Age in Glorantha closes Tuesday, October 14th. I am sure that more of the stretch goals will be met before the end of the campaign.


Support 13th Age in Glorantha for a modern twist on a classic RPG setting.


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