Nov 26

Gnome Stew & Hobby time


Gnome StewEarlier this month Martin Ralya posted an interesting article on Gnome Stew exploring the amount of time he spent engaged with gaming in general.


This was a fascinating article, and a very interesting exercise to work through.


I recently reduced my weekly prep routine.


Thus, I was interested to see how my new routine shaped up. When I replied to the article, I had my weekly average at 13 hours. However, further thought on the topic made me realise I had skipped my designated “Games Night” out of the equation. Despite my plans, this does not always happen, which may explain how I forgot it for the Gnome Stew comment. Yet, it happens often enough to merit inclusion in the averages.


So, my new gaming routine has 14 hours, broken down as follows:


  • Game Prep 21%
    • This covers the administrative and bookkeeping aspects of being a GM, the preparation for the next session and general setting or rules design.
  • Blogging 21%
    • As this blog is a big part of my engagement with the gaming hobby, it ranks highly on this list
  • GM-ing 17%
    • This represents the two-and-a-half hours I spend running the game. Under my reduced prep routine, I am now spending longer running the game than I am preparing for it, which feels like the right ratio. The additional time in the Game Prep category represents the administrative and broader design tasks.
  • Reading 14%
    • This is me wading through the huge backlog of game pdfs. These hours are spread through the week.
  • Playing 9%
    • Time spent playing games with the boys, which is minimal now, but will hopefully improve. Plus, time tinkering with my game collection on “Games Night”.
  • Research 7%
    • Probably a subset of Reading generally, but also representative of background research for setting design. Much of this in online, but can also apply to reading non-fiction books.
  • Forums 7%
    • I am not as active on Forums as I would like, but I have so much I want to do, and this does not feel like working. I lurk and occasionally post on a variety of Forums, so I have range, if not frequency. More effort is required here.
  • Co-ordination for the game 2%
    • Essentially, this is emailing the Players to keep everyone updated about the current gaming schedule.
  • Buying 2%


There are a lot of tasks here, but I am happy with the focus on the HeroQuest campaign. Engaging with my gaming hobby gives me a lot of pleasure, so it is only to be expected for it to take up a lot of my time.


How about you? How does your weekly averages shape up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming

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