Oct 09

Listening Around: Ken and Robin

Talking about stuff

Introducing Listening Around

The Listening Around posts are a companion to the Reading Around series. This time, instead of pointing you towards websites of interest, I will be doing the equivalent for podcasts.

Podcasts are an excellent form of audio magazine and the hobby has many to choose from. I enjoy the way that I can both listen to a podcast and keep working at chores or other tasks around the house. Likewise, they are very portable and can be experienced on the move.

However you enjoy them, sit back and let me share with you some of my favourites.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

This podcast has barely been running for a year, but it really sets the benchmark for gaming podcasts. Co-hosted by two giants of the industry, Ken Hite and Robin D. Laws, this podcast is a must.

Eclectic in the extreme, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff weaves through a broad range of topics, usually three or four an episode. Each podcast usually runs a little over an hour, with great sound quality and professional production values. Their website is clean, easy to navigate and I have encountered no problems downloading their podcasts.

As to be expected from their recent output, there is a focus on occult themes, the Gumshoe system and its offshoots and game design in general. Add in film critiques, book reviews, alternate history, food and even Toronto municipal politics.

If you only ever listen to one podcast, then this has to be the one. The combination of Robin’s writing and game theory with Ken’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the occult and history takes every discussion to somewhere surprising. It really is like listening to a friendly chat between two great geek minds.

What more could you want from a gaming podcast?


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