Feb 26

Bundle of Holding: Hillfolk


IMG_9194It is not everyday that a piece of my work appears in a Bundle of Holding.


Okay, so it is just one essay in the Blood on the Snow companion, but my suggestion of using DramaSystem for prequels does make it into the sales pitch for the book!


So, what is this all about? Well, the Bundle of Holding is an awesome chance to buy a bundle of great product at a bargain price, and help a charity in the process. This bundle from Pelgrane Press is focused on the Hillfolk game from Robin D Laws. The campaign page describes it as follows:


Hillfolk is the Pelgrane Press tabletop roleplaying game of high-stakes interpersonal conflict by acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws (Feng Shui, HeroQuest, GUMSHOE). Using Hillfolk‘s DramaSystem rules, you can weave enthralling multi-session sagas about Iron Age tribes, Game of Thrones-style fantasy intrigue, Regency socialites, border town drug kingpins, troubled Sopranos-type crime families, posthuman cyberpunks, and more. Hillfolk is the “cable series RPG.”

Now our Hillfolk Bundle brings you the game’s entire product line as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDFs for a bargain price. Our Starter Collection (US$6.95) includes the Hillfolk rulebook and a big bunch of “series pitches” by many leading RPG designers. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ( $16.27), you’ll level up and get all eight titles in our Bonus Collection, including the Hillfolk companion volume Blood on the Snow, more series pitches, and — available to the public for the first time — three musical tracks especially composed for your Hillfolk games. It’s everything you need to run your own prestige series.


This is a great opportunity to buy an incredible narrative game.


Reading Hillfolk was the inspiration for my method of using Interludes in my campaign.


The Hillfolk Bundle is raising money in support of Water.org, a charity devoted to improving water and sanitation provision in the developing world.


Visit Water.org


The campaign closes Thursday, 12th March.


Support the Hillfolk Bundle of Holding for series drama from the Iron Age to the far future.


Happy Bundling



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