Mar 19

Shakespeare in Dice, Part 4

Shakepseare & ToaGM
Here I am again with the fourth instalment of quotes in celebration of Shakespeare Week. Today the dice are rolling in Act III.


Part three featured two quotes from plays dated 1600.


Dice Denial

Shallow      Keep a gamester from the dice, and a good student from his book, and it is wonderful.


The first quote for today is from Act III, Scene I of The Merry Wives of Windsor (1602).


Shallow seems to represent the Elizabethan equivalent of a High School bully, seeking to deprive people of the things they love. Where there are dice, and Geeks, there are always bullies.


Although full credit to Shakespeare for citing a period label for a gamer. Gamester is not a bad term, and something you could throw into the conversation tonight. The term certainly has a strong pedigree.


Trendy Gamester

Edgar       Wine lov’d I dearly, dice dearly; and in woman out-paramour’d the Turk:


My second quote is from Act III, Scene IV of King Lear (1608).


If Shallow showed us an Elizabethan bully, then Edgar is giving us an alpha-Geek. I shall pass over the fact that he was disguised as a madman when giving this speech. The image of a hard-drinking, hard-dicing geek with a string of girlfriends is something many of us might aspire to.


Well, in my younger days, anyway.


May you be a gamester who lived dice dearly!


Happy Dicing



PS This marks my 200th Notes of a GM, making me quite the prolific blogster.


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