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June 2015: A Review & Progress Report


TalesOfAGM CrossAt the start of the year I posted my Writing Resolutions.


As a way to keep these in focus, here is the latest monthly update about my progress. This month is a little different, as I shall also be reviewing my 2015 Resolutions to check I am still on course to fulfil as many of them as I can.


The original post outlined four categories of resolution:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


Let us take a look at each of them in turn.


Blogging Resolutions

Turning first to the 2015 resolutions, progress has been mixed. Traffic started the year well, but tailed off in May. The target of doubling traffic looks just as challenging as it did in January, but the fight continues. Last month I realised I did not have the time to produce a podcast. So, one aim has been abandoned while the other new goal, the webcomic, has been achieved and is running smoothly.


In May I abandoned the podcast goal. Dedicated time for fiction writing has a higher priority. It was sad to relinquish the podcast, but I cannot magic time out of nowhere. As suggested in my April summary, the best option was to abandon the project. Traffic also fell away in May, so it felt a hard month for the blog. Blogging score 2/5.


Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

This part of the 2015 resolutions is suffering even more than the previous one. The increased focus on the fiction has also eaten into the amount of time available for working on the pdfs. This shortcoming was also noted in May, and I adjusted my schedule to always include pdf work each week.


The other issue impeding this goal is the amount of time needed to produce a pdf. Progress is slow, and I am unlikely to reach all my targets for pdf production this year. Once again, there just is not the time for everything.


Despite the lack of traction on the yearly goals, May was good in this field. I uploaded the latest of the Storm & Shield pdfs, which increased my range to three titles on DriveThru. Storm & Shield: Cosmic Crisis is one download short of 100, which is a good start.


Furthermore, I made a leap forward with my Freelance writing by becoming a stretch goal for the Crestfallen Kickstarter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am grateful to Dan for having faith in my writing. On the basis of these two achievements this month, Freelance score 5/5.


There is still time to help the Crestfallen Kickstarter before the campaign closes.


Fiction Resolutions

The fiction resolutions were the hardest of all. Research earlier in the year informed me how I was better to seek an agent rather than go direct to a publisher. I am still working on producing a manuscript good enough. My productivity is increasing, which is a crucial first step.


As for the number of new texts, I am ahead on those figures. Of the planned six, I have already written four first drafts. The increased hours for the fiction are having a positive impact.


Indeed, the improved schedule for the fiction writing was clear in May, where I produced two new texts, one of which has just as the first edit completed too. A lot more effort is required, and I remain a long way from earning any money from my fiction. However, I should reflect my increased productivity. Fiction score 4/5.


Gaming Resolutions

The 2015 gaming has seen mixed progress. We have begun the Sigil PD game, but new Players are proving difficult to find. We have now tried My Life with Master, so another indie game has been experienced. Gaming with the boys is developing, but I am still far from attending a session of Friday Night Magic.


During May, real life intervened to limit the amount of roleplaying we enjoyed. The range of games the boys play is slowly expanding, which gives me some variety. So, despite adding My Life with Master to our range of indie games, the score for May is average. Gaming score 3/5.


May 2015

The final score for May is 14/20 again. This is the same as April, and equal highest achieved all year. Clearly, balancing out all these areas is proving difficult. It seems as one area is high during a month, something else suffers.


The Fiction gains from April are holding strong, and there was a real boost to the Freelance writing. Hopefully I can increase the score overall in June.


Have you made any progress with your resolutions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming



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