Jun 01

Kickstarting Crestfallen: Deadline Looms



Last month I shared with you a special Kickstarter.


Crestfallen is a Fate-powered RPG setting designed by Dan Hiscutt. The campaign page describes the game as follows:


Crestfallen is a bronze age fantasy roleplaying game, set in a world of gods, spirits and wild places. It uses the Fate Core rpg system, and is written by Dan Hiscutt. It contains everything you need to play.

You play heroes struggling to survive in a hostile environment, the natural world is unravelling and trying to kill you. The Gods may help you, or use you as a pawn in their schemes. Your friends may help you, or pull you deeper into trouble. The spirit world may help you, or it’s inhabitants might possess you and take your body for a joyride.


I have a strong interest in this Kickstarter, as I am writing the first of the Stretch Goals. This will be a pdf about the Horse Clan nomads of the setting.


I posted a sample of the type of material this will include.


There are other Stretch Goals lined up, and a last push could make the project even better. Funding for Crestfallen closes late Thursday, 4th June, so please act quickly.


Support Crestfallen for a cool Bronze Age setting.


Happy Gaming



The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Epyllion by Marissa Kelly, an epic dragon RPG.


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