Jun 15

Listening Around: Tales of Mythic Adventure


TalesOfAGM CrossIt has been many months since I last had a Listening around recommendation for you. Podcasts remain a regular part of my life, as I listen to them while I perform my various household chores.


The suggestion for today is a relatively new podcast, only up to episode six. Tales of Mythic Adventure is described on the Glorantha website as follows:


Join Jeff Richard, Michael “MOB” O’Brien, and special guests as they talk about roleplaying games, history, mythology, and, of course, the fantasy setting of Glorantha.


The focus of this podcast is on the setting of Glorantha, and features a series of interviews with various designers who have written for the setting. There is plenty of history and insight into the world, as to be expected from a talk with the influential writers who helped build such a rich setting.


As to be expected, this podcast is essential listening for any fan of Glorantha. The value to non-Gloranthaphiles is in exposure to the immense depth of the world. Plus, there is always merit to listening to game designers talk about their work.


Tales of Mythic Adventure can be found on the Glorantha website.


Happy Listening



The Listening Around series of posts are my suggestions of podcasts to which you ought to be listening. Last time out it was Mark Rosewater’s Drive to Work.


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