Jun 30

Sigil PD: Chapter 22, Part 1

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Unlucky dice, a three-week break & setting creation plans


The game on Saturday was a surprising conclusion to the latest excursion to the gothic realm of Terovia. The main surprise arose from the dice turning against the Heroes during their confrontation with the Baron. I try not to set difficulties too high for the Heroes, but a tough fight will often go awry if the dice wish it so.


However, our plucky Heroes easily escaped the prison and resumed the larger plot. Fate seemed to be against them, until the last moment. Then the story took a fresh twist, and a sudden run of dice luck killed the final guard, and the mob of townsfolk could storm the castle.


We now have a three-week break, so my game prep is not so pressing. However, while the events are fresh in my memory, I want to put in some of the groundwork for the next session. Otherwise, it will be too tricky to pick up the threads again. Likewise, I need to complete the admin for the last session. There was some time at the end of the game on Saturday to ask the Players what their plans are for moving forward, so I have some ideas about what they want to achieve.


However, tomorrow is not the time to brainstorm the whole of next session. Such details are best created nearer the time when I will be running the game, to keep the ideas fresh in my mind. Instead, I shall use the extra time this week to catch up on more of the background details for the campaign. These always need some work, so this will be a good time to move forward with the setting.


Hopefully the extended gap between sessions will not mean a loss of motivation. We shall see.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars


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