Aug 10

RPG Blog Carnival & 4 months to Dragonmeet 2015


dragonmeetTime is passing, and we are at the halfway point for the boys’ long summer holiday. September, and a return to my writing, is edging ever closer.


Which also means we are that little bit closer to December.



As regular readers of the blog know, Dragonmeet is held this year on Saturday 5th December. The venue is again Ibis Hotel, Earls Court, London.


After another enjoyable visit last year, I am keen to attend Dragonmeet again.


As luck would have it, the host for the August RPG Blog Carnival is Mark Clover at Creative Mountain Games. The topic for this month is convention games. Mark describes the topic as follows:


The number of topics a blogger could find to write in regard to Convention Gaming is broad and diverse. One might choose to write about running games at conventions, or playing in them. Finding a game or working out a good schedule might be worthy of words. Game prep for conventions is every bit as important as running or playing, for both GMs and players. There are even many tips one could give on the best comforts and amenities to secure to maximize your enjoyment during convention play.


RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallSo, I can write about my gaming experience at Dragonmeet . . .


Sadly, I have not gamed at Dragonmeet. Maybe this year I should give it a try. Thus, I will be following August’s Carnival with interest, even though I have nothing to contribute from my experiences at Dragonmeet.


Follow all the updates at Creative Mountain Games.


Happy Gaming



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