Aug 24

Listening Around: Dice of Doom Complete


One of my favourite RPG podcasts is Dice of Doom, which I first reviewed all the way back in December 2013.




Sadly, Rupert and the team have retired the podcast. This feels more like losing a group of friends than losing a podcast. There was such a warm sense of camaraderie in every episode, it embraced the listener.


So, to make up for the lack of new episodes, I trawled through the extensive archives at the Dice of Doom blog. It was great to listen to the gang again and share the laughter.


But all good things come to an end, and now I have listened to Episode 0. The well is empty, there are no more ‘new’ episodes of Dice of Doom for me to enjoy. Yes, I can listen to them all over again, and someday I shall. For today, however, I just wanted to mourn the apparent passing of a such an engaging podcast.


Episodes of Dice of Doom can be found on their website.


If you want to listen to a bunch of gamers chew over general gaming issues, then listen to Dice of Doom. You are sure to discover some new friends, and share a laugh along the way.


Happy Listening



The Listening Around series of posts are my suggestions of podcasts to which you ought to be listening.


Last time out it was the Gloranthan Tales of Mythic Adventure.


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