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Reading Around: Prince of Sartar Webcomic


Prince of Sartar smallThere are many ways to savour the richness of Glorantha, arguably the most detailed RPG setting ever published.


One of the most accessible routes into the world of Glorantha is the Prince of Sartar webcomic, written by Jeff Richard and illustrated by Kalin Kadiev.


All the issues of the webcomic can be found at the Prince of Sartar website.


The webcomic is approaching the fiftieth issue. However, do not be daunted, as the website archives all the previous issues. There are also several articles outlining the basics of Gloranthan history. Another section of the site has potted histories of the main characters. The website summarizes the story as follows:


Prince of Sartar is a graphic novel set in Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha.

During the Third Age of Glorantha, the triumphant Red Emperor leads the Lunar Empire to victory. With his armies and magicians led by the beautiful demigoddess Jar-eel the Razoress, he moves to extinguish the breath of Orlanth, King of the Storms for his mother the Red Goddess of the Moon. Against him, with His blood-oath sworn, Argrath moves to gather his allies to tear down the Moon.

And that is only one of the conflicts that will wrack Glorantha.


This is a complex story, but Jeff presents it in small steps. The depth and richness of Glorantha shines through. It is also great to meet some of the great Heroes of the Hero Wars.


Kalin’s art is beautiful, and bursting with detail. It is clear how much care is invested in the webcomic, in making the cultures and characters look right for the Gloranthan setting.


Any fan of swords and sorcery, bronze age roleplaying or The King of Dragon Pass computer game should read Prince of Sartar. If you are simply curious about Greg Stafford’s mammoth Glorantha setting, then you should read Prince of Sartar.


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