Sep 21

Reading Around: Neil Gaiman e-Bundle


TalesOfAGM CrossI have something a little different for you today. This suggestion for Reading Around is an opportunity to buy a bundle of Neil Gaiman digital titles.


Ever since the critically acclaimed Sandman comics, I have been a big fan of Neil Gaiman’s imaginative fiction. Other favourites include the Neverwhere TV series and Stardust, both the comics and the stunning film.


He is an imaginative and highly creative writer, and any opportunity to pick up a collection of his works is not to be dismissed lightly. This is indeed what is currently on offer as a Humble Bundle. I am sure you are familiar with the model of charity bundles, where a set number of titles are available for Pay-as-you-want. For a larger amount, you can then buy a greater number of titles.


The Neil Gaiman bundle is available until 11 a.m. Pacific time, Wednesday, 23rd September. So, barely two days left to pick up this bargain. Titles in the bundle include:

  • Adventures in the Dream Trade
  • Free Speeches
  • Sweeney Todd and Other Stories
  • A Fall of Stardust


There is such a long list of titles in the bundle, you really should visit Humble Books to see what is included.


Happy Reading



The previous Reading Around was the Prince of Sartar webcomic, by Jeff Richard and Kalin Kadiev, set in Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha



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  1. I actually aquired the first 4 of the collectors edition sandman books from vertigo, leather bound with silver rimmed pages… mmmmmm….

      • Phil on September 22, 2015 at 9:24 am
      • Reply

      Hi Michael,

      Wow, that is something special. Those must be gorgeous books.

      I have the first thirty, or so, as reprints, and the rest on their original release. I really should dig them out to read again.

      Thanks for sharing

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