Nov 11

Celebrating 200 Tales


TalesOfAGM CrossThe session at the weekend was a major milestone for me. It marked 200 sessions running my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


Along the way, there have been at least 22 Players, although some stayed for only a session or two. The campaign has been running, with gaps, for over six years.


The current Sigil PD cycle is the fourth set of tales, making the new game started with my young sons the fifth cycle of tales. We have played assorted interludes, giving us some rules variety, but always I am drawn back to my beloved HeroQuest 2.


Did I mention how much I like HeroQuest 2?


I am very proud of the story we are exploring together, and it is wonderful to be building a setting alongside such creative Players. Here’s to another 200 sessions.


Happy Gaming



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