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Dragonmeet 2015: The Swag


dragonmeetThis week I conclude my coverage of Dragonmeet 2015 with a quick review of the items I bought at the convention.



Last week I posted an overview of my day at Dragonmeet.



Even though the highlight of the day was meeting gamer fiends, I enjoyed my time browsing the trade hall. I kept within my budget this year, so if I had not chatted so much, it is possible I would have spent more. Regardless, I am very happy with my purchases.


Always more Dice

It is always a joy to browse the rainbow of shiny dice at the Chessex stand. I suspect I may have bought repeats over the years, but as they can migrate over to the boys’ collections, this is not a big deal. Once again, I bought ten d20s, most of which I shall give away to my Players.



Sharp-eyed readers will also have noticed a lone d12 in the photo. While this is a twelve-sided die, it is not a conventional d12. It is actually printed with the Roman numerals, from I to IV. This is a clever way to generate the numbers between one and four, and may prove much easier to use than the conventional d4.


The standard d4 is little more than a plastic caltrop.


More GM tools

Dragonmeet 2015 SwagAlong with dice, I also have a weakness for cool GM gadgets. I keep this in check, by reminding myself that whatever I buy, I have to carry about with me. My tools need to be worth their weight allowance. This year I succumbed to the lure of GM tools when browsing the amazing range at the All Rolled Up stand.



Read the review of my All Rolled Up here.



I found a mouth-watering selection of accessories on the All Rolled Up stand. Indeed, I would have bought more if I had paid closer attention to the bewildering array of items. I picked out a pack of five super-sized Wipeable PVC cards. These are like oversized credit cards, blank on both sides, and perfect for sketching out a small map. We do not use minis for our HeroQuest game, but sometimes I will sketch out a room for the Players.


Of course, I then needed a pen to write on these cards. I bought a Staedtler correctable Lumocolour pen. This has quite a fine nib, and produces a lovely black line. Even better, however, is the fact that this wipe clean pen does not easily wipe clean. Once dry, the ink will not rub off, making this perfect for use with the boys. The pen has a special eraser on one end, which rubs out the ink.


For this, and more clever items, see the All Rolled Up website.



Moving on to the books I bought at Dragonmeet. The first of these, alphabetically, was Fiasco by Jason Morningstar, published by Bully Pulpit Games. This was very much an impulse purchase from the Leisure Games stall. They had a small pile at the front of their table, advertised with a free pdf. I resisted at first, then returned after a short walk and bought one. If I had returned later and they were sold out, then I would have regretted it.


Fiasco can be found at DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


I try not to buy physical RPG books, but I find it hard to resist indie games. Fiasco is a classic indie game, and I am sure it will produce some fine interludes for us. My Players are well suited to this style of story game, where the consequences of one game spill over into the wider campaign.


Read more about interludes here.


Seven Wonders

The next book bought was Seven Wonders, a collection of seven story games published by Pelgrane Press. This was another impulse purchase, a result of the review in the Dragonmeet brochure and a general desire to support Pelgrane Press. This is a thick book, at 288 pages, so I expect some clever designs here.


As with Fiasco, I am excited to add more story games to my collection. I have not even browsed through this anthology. Yet, I am sure I can adapt these games to my ongoing campaign, one way or another.


After buying the book at the Pelgrane stall, I asked editor Cat Tobin to sign it for me. I do so like having signed RPG books. Cat then directed me to two young ladies standing by the stall, who were two of the game designers included in the anthology. I had a lovely brief chat with the designers, who were only too pleased to sign their book. They seemed so happy to sign the book, which made me feel so glad I asked. Which just goes to show how much good can come from reaching out to people.


Seven Wonders can be found at the Pelgrane Press store


Where the Heart is

My final purchase was a Beta version of Where the Heart is by Leo Marshall, published by Indy Hippo. I always intended to buy something from one of the UK Roleplay Design Collective. It is important to support local talent. This year, only Leo was in attendance, and we had a lovely chat as noted in last week’s Dragonmeet review.


I chose this book as Leo’s description of the game made it seem an ideal vehicle for an interlude. This is a game about family relationships, connections and obligations. It will work brilliantly with my Players.


Find out more about this and other Indy Hippo games.



Overall, this was another good haul of swag. I kept within my budget, although I might not have done if I had realised quite what I was seeing at the All Rolled Up stand. I am keen to read through these games, and plan out some cool interludes. Some of the dice have already been given out, so they are off to a good home.


What did you buy at Dragonmeet? What hot game did I miss? Can you suggest a story game I should pick up next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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