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Listening Around; Dice of Doom


The Listening Around series of posts are my suggestions of podcasts to which you ought to be listening. Last time out it was the sublime Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.


Today I would like to point you towards the Dice of Doom podcast.


The internet is a labyrinthine treasure house of old material. Sadly, the Dice of Doom podcast seems to be on an extended break. However, thanks to the wonder of the internet, all of their previous episodes are still available online. I am in the process of working through their back catalogue, and it is absolutely worth the effort.


Dicing with Doom

The Dice of Doom podcast is a classic example of a small group of Gamers hanging out and talking about gaming. Listening to Rupert, Paul and Dwayne I really get the feeling that I am listening to my friends talk about games and gaming.


The podcasts cover a range of topics, usually focused on problems that GMs typically face during a game, such as difficult Players, story issues or how to prepare for a game. The group tend to favour more independent games, such as Spirit of the Century or Dragon Warriors, but the podcast is more than just a review podcast.


The group also seem to play a lot of different games together, often in quick succession. They also share the workload of being the GM, so the contributors can talk from both the Player and GM perspective. Yet what makes the podcast even more enjoyable is that they are all clearly friends, and have a long shared history. There is a lot of friendly banter, and a lot of laughing. These podcasts always make me smile, and they always seem to have something interesting to say.


It really is a shame that the series is on a break, but the archives are crammed full with entertainment. You really should give them a try.


Happy Listening


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  1. Hi Phil,

    Thank you so much for your review of our podcast. It means a lot to us that people enjoy what we do. Your review came at a time where I was very close to officially canning the podcast due to the workload involved and other commitments taking up so much of my time. We actually recorded the show that just went up after reading this, so in a way, you are partly responsible for our comeback.

    Thanks again,


      • Phil on January 18, 2014 at 6:29 am
      • Reply

      Hi Rupert,

      Thank you for continuing with your podcasts, they are so much fun to listen to. I am glad to have played my part in ensuring your return. Listening to you all is just like hanging out with friends, so it is great to have you back.

      All the best

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