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Gates & Portals Carnival Update: Fourth Week


RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallThe January Blog Carnival was hosted by Tales of a GM. The theme I chose for the month was Gates & Portals.


I announced the topic in the launch article, here.


February has arrived, but the submissions rolled in up to the end of the month. This fourth weekly update lists the last round of submissions, in the order they appear in the comments of the launch post.


The first entry for the final week is a submission from Lowell, at Age of Ravens. This article presents a very cool campaign structure, with nested settings and portals between them. I would love to play in this game.



The second submission for this week is another entry from Aaron, at the Doom Rides to Silverado blog. Aaron adds a Weird West contribution to the topic with this fascinating look at a Traversal Ritual for FATE, and a pair of guides.



Next is another contribution from VA, at Leicester’s Ramble. VA presented another angle on the topic, with this article about wards.



The final contributor to the launch page for the month is Abigail, at the Triangular Room. This article explores the fundamental concept of RPGs as gateways to other worlds.



Plus, I have written a fourth article for the Gates & Portals. This presents a first look at personal growth in RPGs. Instead of the linear levelling up, Heroes can broaden their skills, or be entirely transformed.



This topic proved so fruitful, I split my original essay into two parts. Thus, there will be a bonus fifth article on the topic this week. The concluding summary essay will appear the following week.


For the last time, my travels around the internet have uncovered two bonus articles for the January Blog Carnival. I added them both to the launch page. The first bonus article is a contribution from Tim, at Another Caffeinated Day. This article is about a magical item linked to the stars.



Plus, where would we be without a bonus article from the prolific Sean, at Sea of Stars. Many thanks again, Sean. This article is about the Exile’s Gate, a planar portal every ruler is going to want.



So, the final week brought five more submissions and two bonus essays. The Blog Carnival has been a lot of fun. I hope to repeat the experience next year.


Thank you for sharing the journey with me.


Happy Blogging



Read more about the RPG Blog Carnival at Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips website.

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