May 03

Fortress of Crows & Supporting Characters, Part 1


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Last Saturday, two more Players started building their Heroes for the Fortress of Crows campaign. I now have five Heroes I am excited to meet in play. The session was rushed a little, as I needed to leave early. I think this means next session will have to mix in a little more character creation before starting play with the initial instigating incident.


Eager as I am to begin play, we probably should devote at least some of the session to adding in a few more details for the Heroes. I am very happy to use the build-as-you-play method of character generation. This is another part of HeroQuest I really like. However, I appreciate that the Players need enough of a framework for their Heroes in order to feel comfortable playing.


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Plus, we have not even begun to establish the supporting characters for this campaign. Therefore, the focus for next session really should be these followers, as well as tidying up the last parts of the main Heroes. One of the central ideas for the Fortress of Crows campaign is a return to the troupe-style of play we used in a previous campaign.


As normal, each Player controls a Hero, who serves as an officer of the Fortress. The Hero has a Follower, who equates to an NCO of the Fortress. Finally, each Player also has a squad of troops. By having these three tiers of character available, we can explore several different storylines through the campaign. This worked well for us when the Heroes were playing officers on a pirate ship.


Having now thought carefully about where we are in the character creation process, it is obvious we really do need another character creation session. My prep for tomorrow must therefore focus on adding these extra layers to the game. Along with the normal session outline, and scanning of documents, I must prepare the paperwork for these supporting characters. I can also take the opportunity to present some of the latest changes to the house rules.


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