May 25

Listening Around: Saga Thing


TalesOfAGM CrossThis is my first Listening Around post for several months, but I am still regularly listening to podcasts. Overall, I enjoy four categories of podcasts:

  • Roleplaying
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • History
  • Writing


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Today I have a recommendation from my third category. The Saga Thing podcast features two academics discussing one of the Icelandic Sagas. The website describes the podcast as follows:


Saga Thing is a podcast hosted by two friends and former grad-school colleagues who have been reading and enjoying the sagas for years. We’re both professors of medieval literature and we both have beards. Though we live quite far apart, recording Saga Thing gives us an opportunity to get together again (virtually) and talk about our love of medieval Iceland. Our goal is to read and review the sagas, one at a time, in an epic quest to put the sagas of the Icelanders on trial and to celebrate the greatness of saga literature.


The two hosts, John and Andy, maintain a light, chatty style. The Icelandic Sagas are a wonderful source of colourful characters and assorted feuds suitable for transferring into an RPG. After a discussion of the text, and the issues raised, the hosts then asses the saga in a series of judgements, including such fun categories as Best Bloodshed, Notable Witticism and Favourite Nickname.


Sage Thing really brings the Icelandic Sagas to life, and has inspired me to read one for myself. I am sure they will inspire you the same way.


Learn more about Saga Thing here.


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