Aug 05

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 9


Raven sqInstantly on the Wing


 Craftsday, Communication Week, Storm Season


My Divine Overlord,


Truthful Yarrow awoke from a bout of hibernation to find the Orangery full of patients. He healed Morfinnor, and addressed some of the problems facing the members of Spear Wing.


However, the corvidae were strangely agitated. Beorhtwen the Fierce was worried about her concealed miniature triceratops. This unlikely creature was concealed in the brig area in the misty bowels of the Fortress. The small musical creature was growing ever more restless in its cage. After treatment, Beorhtwen checked on her pet, only to find it had escaped.


In a cruel twist of fate, the door to Morfinnor’s room caught alight at the same time. It appears the missing storm bear had provided a vital cooling function. Xanthe was the officer on duty, and now had two crises to manage. Spear Wing were rapidly assembled, and sent to deal with the spreading fire. Truthful Yarrow quickly smelled the wood smoke, and set off the general alarm. All the Fortress was in turmoil.


The triceratops was spotted near Galadil’s floating quarters, but none of Spear Wing would approach. Xanthe sought entry, but failed the test of strength required to enter. Truthful Yarrow deployed his cannon to fight the fire, but failed to load sufficient water into the shell. The resulting explosion blew Morfinnor’s quarters into orbit around the Fortress.


Meanwhile, Xanthe coaxed the triceratops back into the brig, where hurried repairs secured the creature. For the moment.


Your Servant,





Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



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