Aug 09

RPG-a-day 2016: Day 9


I am now in the second week of the RPG-a-day project. This is a series of roleplaying questions to answer on social media. The host is the Brigade Con blog, where you can find the large image with the full list of questions.


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Day 9

What things are a part of your ideal session, other than the actual game?


I believe this questions refers to all the non-game things which create an ideal session. Here is my list:

  • Friends – aside from simple needing a large enough turnout to run a game, I want to hang out with friends.
  • Coffee – as we play in a coffee shop, a good coffee is an ideal part of the session, or at least the build-up.
  • Laughter – I guess this arises from the game, but it is such an important component of the session that it is worth citing.
  • Anecdotes – to share the experience of a great session, it really helps to have a good story to tell about something that happened during the game. This is not the story of the entire session, just a cool episode or character moment from the game. Retelling this anecdote allows me to revisit the ideal session.



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