Aug 11

RPG-a-day 2016: Day 11


I am now in the second week of the RPG-a-day project. This is a series of roleplaying questions to answer on social media. The host is the Brigade Con blog, where you can find the large image with the full list of questions.


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Day 11

Which gamer that you have played with has most affected the way that you play?


As with yesterday’s question, I will provide two sets of answers. The first is perhaps the most obvious. Gavin, my first GM, has most affected the way I play as he introduced me to RPGs in the first place. This was over 30 years ago, so I cannot recall many examples of play. However, he set me on the path of roleplaying, and much of my early years of GMing was about building upon his example.


More recently, the Tales of the Hero Wars campaign cycle is most affected by my two regular Players: Phil-the-Artist and Dave. They have played in almost 190 of the 225 campaign sessions. There have been very few games without at least one of them. We developed together the vision of a narrative-based game.


The continuing success of our campaign is down to their embracing of the narrative. If I had to fight the Players to achieve the style of play I want, then the campaign may well have ended in social meltdown in a throne room. Thus Phil-the-Artist and Dave have the greatest impact on my current narrative style of play.



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