Aug 23

RPG-a-day 2016: Day 23


The RPG-a-day project has begun its fourth week. This is a series of roleplaying questions to answer on social media. The host is the Brigade Con blog, where you can find the large image with the full list of questions.


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Day 23

Share one of your best ‘Worst Luck’ stories.


This question ties in well with an article I wrote for the May Blog Carnival this year. In a piece about finales, I discussed the ending of the Sigil PD campaign. The Heroes were inside one of the Lady of Pain’s pocket-dimensional mazes, fighting off the fearsome Infinity Worm.


The worm seemed about to escape into Sigil, so a desperate confrontation was needed. In the final battle, one Player rolled not one, but two fumbles in a row. Consecutive fumbles was never going to end well. Thus, the bomb intended to seal the worm within the maze ended up trapping the Heroes. Yes, the worm was stopped, thanks mainly to the other Players. However, the cost to the Heroes was high.


One fumble using magical bombs is bad enough, but to roll two in a row is asking for disaster. This proved to be a dramatic end to the campaign. I wrapped up the story swiftly after these fumbles, as I knew nothing could top that. While the Players had a great time, this was the worst bad luck story for the Heroes, leaving them adrift in time and space.



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