Sep 26

Kickstarting Spirit the Drinking Card Game


spirit-kickIt is not every day I can promote a Kickstarter run by a friend. However, this is one such opportunity.


Spirit the Drinking Card Game is designed by Ben Frary, a friend and former customer at the games shop where I used to work. Ben was studying with Phil-the-artist at a Norwich College. Spirit is the first game from Ben’s Furious Kraken company. This game cleverly allows alcohol and non-alcohol drinking players to participate at the same time. The campaign page describes the project as follows:


SPIRIT® ORIGIN and SPIRIT® STEALTH is a simple game of survival; keep your “life shots” while removing your opponents.

You draw and play cards against opponents dishing out effects and mini games that cause players to lose life shots, while also playing cards to avoid damage yourself. Card combinations will start to happen and you’ll realise the true potential of the game. Sometimes a card that you thought had little use becomes your strongest card and games can turn around very quickly.


Funding for Spirit closes Saturday 1st October. This campaign is projected to be close to funding, so really needs your support. Ben has worked long and hard developing this game. I have witnessed his many trials and tribulations to reach this point. The cards look great, and accounts of the game make for entertaining stories.


Back Spirit for a revolutionary drinking card game!


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