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Table Tools 01; Mystic Wisdom


I am the Hunter that sleeps in your head

Kadaa’s Wisdom

One of the Heroes in the latest cycle of our Tales of the Hero Wars campaign is Kadaa, a Mystic Warrior. At the end of the last Session, the Player ended a conversation with a suitably mystical piece of philosophy.


Everyone enjoyed this little piece of characterful dialogue, and there was some back-and-forth about the Player using mystic philosophy as part of his character. This made me think first about the charts of Shakespearean-style insults that I had created for a Hero in a previous cycle of tales.


As I considered the topic a little more, I realised that I could  make a similar set of tables to create impromptu phrases of mystic philosophy. The following week I drew up a couple of charts, and so the first of the Table Tools line of products was created.


Using the Tables

I am the Dragon that waits in your shadow.

The table in Table Tools 01; Mystic Wisdom creates a random phrase around the framework of “I am the X that Y”, where X is a noun and Y is an action. Roll once on the Noun Column and once on the Action Column.


The terms used in both of the columns are standard fantasy fare, with a nod towards the style of exotic, mystical philosophy. The intention of this table is to aid the creation of a philosophical Hero for a game, by providing a ready source of quotations that sound as though they express a deep understanding of the cosmos.



I am the Life that cannot catch your hand.

With no further ado, here is the table. Remember the skeleton phrase;


“I am the [Noun] that [Action]!”


1AirCannot catch your hand
2DarknessCatches the tears you weep
3DeathCries in your dreams
4DragonCurls up in your lap
5EarthDrinks from your cup
6EnemyEats your lost memories
7FireFollows your footsteps
8FriendHolds your destiny
9HunterListens in the night
10LifeListens, but never hears
11MagicNever hears your name
12MoonSings to your soul
13SecretSits in your hand
14ShieldSleeps in your head
15SilenceSlumbers in your cloak
16SpearSnatches your breath
17SunWaits in your shadow
18WarriorWalks in your heart
19WaterWants you to fail
20WindWatches, but never talks




I am the Friend that eats your lost memories.

I have yet to show these Tables to the Player of Kadaa, the mystic Warrior. I am hopeful that he will like them, and that our roleplaying will be enhanced by some pithy words of wisdom.


What do you think of these tables? Let me know in the comments section.


Happy Gaming


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