Oct 27

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 18


Raven sqFaint and Interrupted Murmur


Craftsday, Truth Week, Storm Season, 1054.


My Divine Overlord,


After the brief stop, our journey towards your blessed realm resumed. Feandir spent his time reading the liberated text on ogham. Morfinnor was more concerned by his lost connection to Urox. An initial round of prayers failed to restore the link, but left the warrior with the belief the Storm Bull considered him lacking in fury.


The likely culprit was the homunculus created by Truthful Yarrow. This strange creature embodied Morfinnor’s fury, thereby depleting the warrior. Morfinnor convinced Feandir to join him on a search through the bowels of the Fortress. Aided by a motion-tracking spell, the pair quickly located the homunculus.


Morfinnor smashed through the ceiling to attack the small creature. The homunculus tormented Morfinnor about his lack of anger, but was eventually captured. Jubilant, the warrior sacrificed the creature during a ceremony in the storm fields. Yet, this did not seem to help his connection to Urox. A blessing fell upon the fields themselves, but Morfinnor did not feel any closer to his god.


While all this took place, the Fortress continued to fly through the stormy clouds of the Stormward Zone. Our journey was interrupted when the clouds parted to reveal the Falling Styx ahead of us. The Heroes were pleased to see The Lucky Deal docked at a nearby wind funnel.


Aboard the trading ship, the Heroes found many stalls of interest. Feandir traded some spears for an ogham grave marker. Morfinnor spotted an armourer who could identify the armour recently liberated from the tomb. This strangely ridged leather was declared aldryami skin.


The Fortress sails onwards.


Your Servant,




Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



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