Nov 03

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 19


Raven sqAnd Close your Eyes with Holy Dread


Night time.


Once upon a time, Morphy Jingly Legs awoke from a terrible nightmare. Shan the Dream Pirate had stolen his fury. Quickly, the finger puppet scampered outside to tell his friends Yarrie Mouldy-Fungi Fi-fi Clever Clogs, Gala the Grump and Xanny Bossy Boots. All the puppets agreed to help.


Fi-fi cast a spell to conjure up a pair of flying clogs to pursue The Last Nightmare, Shan’s flying ship. Yarrie climbed a tree, then jumped into a clog with Xanny and Morphy. Gala flew up by herself.


Once on the poop deck of The Last Nightmare, Yarrie ate the chocolate cookie wheel. Then the puppets explored the cabin beneath the poop deck, where Morphy opened the locked chest. Yarrie ate up the candy chains within the chest, then broke out onto the deck.


A fearsome Skullcracker stood on the deck, it’s jaws ready to break the puppets. Fi-fi fired stiletto shoes at the Skullcracker, before Yarrie threw it overboard. Finally, the puppets found Shan the Dream Pirate in his cabin. Shan was tucked up in his large bed.


Yarrie began drinking the cauldron of yoghurt. At the bottom of the cauldron he found a soggy chocolate cookie, just right for steering the ship. It pained Yarrie not to eat the cookie, but he let Fi-fi cast a shoe spell on the wheel, speeding it to the poop deck. Shan steered the ship away from the looming mountains, despite Xanny trying to steal his hat.


When Shan took off his hat, he revealed a hidden scroll. Xanny was so pleased she could pick up the scroll. Yarrie proceeded to eat Shan, finding a tiny key amidst all the strawberry jam.


Fi-fi read the treasure map, then lead the puppets to the giant X on the ground. Yarrie dug up the chest, which Gala unlocked with the paper-thin key. A Skullcracker burst out of the chest, but Yarrie threw it into the vomit-filled hole. This let Morphy find the small, angry human at the bottom of the chest. Yarrie squeezed the jam out of the human, which made Morphy find his lost anger.


Morphy immediately began insulting everyone, and they all lived unhappily ever after.




Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



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