Nov 10

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 20


Raven sqAnd Soun of Swaying


Godsday, Truth Week, Storm Season, 1054.


My Divine Overlord,


The Heroes awoke after experiencing a strange dream. Everyone was affected by the dream, but none more so than Morfinnor. The Storm Bull initiate was ecstatic to be reunited with Urox.


This morning the Heroes found the prevailing stormy weather heavier than ever. Feandir considered plotting a course around the thick band of cloud. However, a storm season storm in the Stormward Zone was not so easily side-stepped.


Instead, the Heroes chose to continue on their direct course back to your blessed realm. Morfinnor took up station in the storm fields to draw the worst of the lightning away from the protruding bridge. He proved too effective, and drew down Ulfarr Storm Tooth, a storm demon with a grudge.


Ulfarr attacked his foe without hesitation, quickly pulling Morfinnor into a crushing bear hug. Black lightning crackled through the kenku’s body, as the strength of Ulfarr began cracking his ribs. Feandir appeared and finally succeeded in paralysing the storm demon. Ulfarr sank into the storm field, leaving Morfinnor heavily wounded.


Morfinnor invoked his destiny to be healed by blessed soup. The Heroes then slept out the rest of the heavy storm. In the morning, they were overjoyed to sail out of the thick cloud and into the sweet airs of Upper Valinor.


Feandir was surprised to see a bone trireme sail out the same bank of cloud on an intercept course. Morfinnor confirmed this vessel was the last pursuer from the Ghost Fleet. Feandir resolved to outrun this last remnant of the Shan’s fleet.


Quickly, Feandir showed the benefits of his strong link to your humble servant. First an air elemental delayed the pursuing vessel. Morfinnor then turned the rain into shiny drops. A last burst of speed from the Fortress evaded the distracted pirates and the trireme was lost in the rain cloud.


The fortress now sails serenely through the sweet airs of Upper Valinor.


Your Servant,



Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



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