Feb 12

Project Dark Kickstarter, a new way to run an RPG


Card-driven thieving RPG


My last Kickstarter recommendation was Elfwood back in December.


Today, however, I would like to draw your attention to the latest offering from Will Hindmarch. This is a fascinating, card-driven game that focuses upon thieves.


Project Dark is currently funding on Kickstarter.


The campaign page describes it as follows;

I’ve long been captivated by games based around the exploration of fictional worlds — roleplaying games especially. And while lots of games let you move through fictional spaces, games focused on sneaking and stealth have always held a special place in my heart and my imagination. Great stealth games are partly about experiencing an imaginary realm — overhearing snippets of life, whether mundane or incredible, that bring the world to life — and partly about solving the puzzle of how to move through that world to accomplish key goals.

I love to design imaginary worlds as a tabletop GM. I love to play sneaky, stealthy characters as a player. I wanted a game that emphasizes that kind of play throughout. I wanted a game that wasn’t necessarily about storming dungeons and fighting everything. I wanted a game that brought a fictional world to life in different ways.


If all that was not atmospheric enough for you, a playtest report has been posted by Strasa over at the Platonic Solids blog. This post really captures the excitement, and promise of Project Dark.


You really need to read this gripping report by Strasa.


I previously backed the travelling game Odyssey from Will. This was crowd-funded through Indiegogo. Project Dark looks equally interesting, but as explained above, it is a radically different game to Odyssey.


Here is my article about Odyssey.


Card Mechanics

The feature mechanic for Project Dark is the use of cards. This is unlikely to make the mechanics transferable to other games, but does make for an intriguing premise. I recall using cards to duel in Castle Falkenstein, yet Project Dark uses them for so much more. The Kickstarter Updates are gradually releasing more of the mechanics, and it will be fascinating to read the full text.


Project Dark is certain to make for a challenging Interlude in a campaign, and the alternate mechanics will replicate superbly the change of pace.

Sublime Art

Do want even more?

Phil Reeves Dark

Project Dark also features the sublime art of our very own Phil Reeves, such as this piece. Here is a stunning piece of artwork, which really captures a sense of tension. Just the picture is enough to make me want to use this scene in a game. What does the thief do next? What is happening in the building so late at night? Is the sentry a lone member of the City Watch, or a house watchman for this property?


See more about Phil on the Tales of an Artist Page.



The Stretch Goals are already tumbling, making Project Dark excellent value. The funding period lasts until March 2nd, so while you have plenty of time to back this intriguing project, I urge you to do so quickly and help unlock more goals. Or, you should just back the project to see more stunning Phil Reeves art.


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