Nov 18

More Laptop Woes


TalesOfAGM CrossThe story of my laptop problems rumbles on. The old laptop could not be fixed, so a new one had to be ordered. Then the computer shop called to say the chosen item was out of stock. I want a small, compact computer, like the old netbook. I travel on the bus a lot, so a big laptop is simply too unweildy to use as I travel.


I cycled back to the computer shop to speak with the owner, but he seemed reluctant to suggest another laptop, even one with a slightly larger screen. He found the first choice online, and suggested I buy that, rather than choosing a computer through him.


Thus, I ordered online, when I really wanted to buy from a small trader. I paid extra for delivery today, but it is nearly 1pm and nothing has arrived. Nor have I received an email about the delivery today. So, maybe I need to wait longer.


As expected, I struggle to write without my data files, or indeed a word processor package. Even when the new laptop arrives, there will be a transition period as I download the software I need and work out how to unlock the old data files. So, much of next week will be lost too.


In the meantime, I will scrabble about for a long article for this week. It is frustrating when my schedule falls apart like this, but it cannot be helped. I plan to build things back up next week, then return to normal.


I hope your week is progressing better



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    • Vicente Cartas on November 18, 2016 at 7:41 pm
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    I would recommend you for the future to have your data files backed online (OneDrive, Dropbox, GDrive…). It will make so much easier to transfer data between computers and avoid these situations.

      • Phil on November 18, 2016 at 9:54 pm
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      Hi Vicente,

      I have an external HDD to which I backup most weeks. Sadly, I did not do so last week, so there is only about ten days data trapped on my old laptop. Not a huge loss, but one the local engineer can fix for me.

      Of more concern, is the loss of my old word processor suite. Those files may be hard to unlock, and mean I need new software too. I have quite a period of adjustment ahead.

      Thanks for sharing, and I hope you are keeping safe

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