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Goals, 20th November, 2016


TalesOfAGM CrossHi Everyone,


After the dramas of the previous week, things actually worsened this week. It was bad enough when my emails stopped working, but over the weekend my ageing laptop finally died on me. The local engineer could not repair it, so I needed a new one. This finally arrived late on Friday, so I am left with little to show for the week and a lot of downloading and updating ahead of me.


Previously on Tales of a GM:


  • 3 hours – Primary Goal – Write long pdf
  • 3 hours – Secondary Goal – Warlock Journal promotion & pdf prep
  • 1 hour – Social Media – Visit different Forums and write five posts or comments
  • 3 hours – Write, edit & post long blog article
  • 30 mins – Weekly Task – Website
  • 1 hour – General Fiction
  • 1 hour – First draft of picture story
  • 1.5 hours – Writing Program


Lacking my laptop and assorted files, I struggled to achieve anything worthwhile with my writing last week. There was plenty of reading, and a chunk of work for the PTA. The blog received little more attention than a couple of short news updates, and an updated essay. This is better than posting nothing, but represents a drop from my usual posting schedule.


As you might guess, my motivation and productivity suffered heavily. The week as pretty much a total loss for my writing, but the worst is over. I now have a shiny new laptop, which is a little bigger than my old one. So far, I have settled in well with the new machine, and it is starting to feel mine. The early part of this week will focus on downloading all the other bits of software I want. I also need to sort the transfer of my old data, meaning at least one more trip to the computer shop.


There is no point setting a regular schedule for this week, not least because I cannot print out a worksheet for the week. Printer drivers are one of the many pieces of software I need to find. Instead, I have a series of goals for this week:


  • Download Software
  • Transfer Data
  • Resume Writing Schedule


Simple, yet powerful goals. I cannot set an exact timeframe on these goals, but I really want to be back to normal for the weekend. While I am eager to be writing again, I do not want to add excess stress by worrying over how long it takes to update the new laptop. Hopefully I will have better news to share next week.


Wishing you a productive week



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