Nov 26

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2016: 1 week


jk-dragonmeet-smAlmost time!


The middle of November has been such a rush for me. Suddenly, it is the last week of November and Dragonmeet is only a week away. Excitement is mounting.


My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 3rd December. The new location is Novotel London West, in Hammersmith, London. This means yet another route across the Underground.


After my series of tech problems, I am ready to return to a normal writing schedule. December is always a busy month with children and school events, so the writing has a lower priority. This also frees up time for the last round of planning for Dragonmeet. This will be blocked out in my schedule, as I cannot put it off any longer.


Surely the Dragonmeet seminar schedule will be posted on the website, and thus allow me to plan the day. I am sure to have plenty of time in the Trade Hall, so a proper map would help. I can make a rough list from the names of traders attending, but I prefer to work from a map. More importantly, I should consider my budget and what I hope to buy. I am thinking of actually buying a physical RPG book, but more on that later in the week.


Learn more about Dragonmeet at the website.


So, the plans are slowly coming together as the clock ticks down. Will I see you there?


Happy Gaming



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