Nov 30

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 21


Raven sqThere is no Rustling


Farmday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.


My Divine Overlord,


A strange fluting in the bowels of the fortress caught the Heroes’ attention. Morfinnor recounted the rumours of a small musical creature hiding somewhere in the brig. Feandir led the search for the creature using his motion spell. The Heroes were lead to a misty corridor, where the fluting drifted down from the ceiling. Morfinnor tried to smash his way through the bone ceiling. However, the sound was too mesmerizing, and the warrior was left entranced.


Feandir projected his consciousness to hunt the creature through the tunnels. He chased the sound to a darkened chamber where he spooked the clockwork jailer. The terrified inevitable lumbered away, pulling Feandir back to his body so that he could save the dreaming Morfinnor.


The mage’s initial attempt to wake Morfinnor failed. However, Corfinnon the inevitable merely knocked them into a barbed mithril cell. As the kenku landed on the frail form of Feandir, the door to the cell bounced shut.


Feandir finally drew Morfinnor back to reality. The warrior attacked the bars of the cell, but only succeeded in making a small escape hole. Feandir crawled through, but was heavily lacerated. Morfinnor tried to heal the mage with his crystal affinity, misjudged his skill and created painful blood crystals within the mage’s body.


The haunting fluting drifted down from the upper levels of the fortress. In preparation, Morfinnor tore strips off his shiny cloak. He made two crude headscarves to muffle the mesmerizing song. Duly protected, the two Heroes confronted the small creature once again.


This time the Heroes were successful, and defeated the miniature triceratops. Feandir harvested the musical horns to create a special set of small pipes. As the mage practised his new instrument, the fortress flew onwards.


Your Servant,



Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.



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