Dec 06

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 3


  • RavenDragonmeet fun
  • Final Actual Play Report
  • Brainstorming prep


The gaming excitement for this weekend revolved around the trip to Dragonmeet. This was a lot of fun, and even included a game this year. I met some internet friends, but want to do better next time. A full report follows at the end of the week.


My focus now shifts to next Saturday, when we have the first brainstorming session for the next story arc. I believe some of the Players have ideas for the type of game they would like in January. This is always encouraging. I have parameters for the next story arc, but no firm ideas about what we should play. One of my tasks for tomorrow is to create reminder cards for these parameters. If I lay these out on the table, then this should remind the Players of these requirements. Some will be firm parameters, while others will have more flexibility. Maybe I should use different colours for these cards.


Sadly, my time tomorrow is limited. However, I also need to complete the final actual play report for the Fortress of Crows campaign. There is probably a little administration to tidy up, but then all that remains is the stack of scanning needed.


Once these tasks are complete, I can devote time to preparing for the Christmas Special game. This is scheduled for Christmas Eve, which should make for a special session. As with any new set of rules, I need to create reminder sheets. My plan for this game is to pre-generate the characters, to speed up the process. So often a big chunk of time is lost to character generation, without adding so much to the experience. If I can streamline that part of the one-shot, then we should have more time for gaming. I also need a plot, but more of that in the following weeks.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Fortress of Crows campaign page


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