Dec 07

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 22


Raven sqBut Far in the Fierce Sunshine


Marketday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.


My Divine Overlord,


The final leg to your divine presence was the hardest step for the Heroes. It began with a strange surge of arcane energy detected by Feandir the Sage. The origin was unclear, until an explosion ripped the head of the tall spear-like tower from the body of the Fortress.


Galadil reacted quickly to salvage as much of the storm fields as she could. Sadly, barely a quarter of her beloved clouds could be saved. Her attention was drawn to the mocking laughter from the remnants of the spear head.


The Heroes all flew over to the jagged chunk of masonry flying away from the Fortress. Inside the Shrine of Rivornwen, the Heroes found an open portal, the source of the arcane surge. Within the Shrine was Fealdir the Cursed, come to reclaim his wings. Fealdir had Tinnuwen the shrine warden as a bargaining chip, along with a small group of his followers.


The Heroes cunningly agreed to bring Truthful Yarrow to Fealdir, in exchange for Tinnuwen’s safe return. Instead of Truthful Yarrow, Galadil brought Green Belbine knocked unconscious and daubed in black paint. This was enough to trick Fealdir, who handed over Tinnuwen, then ordered his fire elemental to destroy the Heroes. Morfinnor quickly despatched the fire elemental with his lightning shield, while the other Heroes overcame the two accompanying vulture-headed demons.


The Heroes assaulted Fealdir the Cursed as he began his ritual to release his wings. Feandir engaged the air demon in an arcane duel, quickly stealing a powerful spell from the demon. Galadil was swamped by vulture demons, but eventually fought them off with Morfinnon’s help.


Feandir then destroyed the floor of the shrine, dropping Fealdir and the Heroes out into the sweet air of Valinor. With a final effort, the mage turned the demon into a cloud of black gas. Meanwhile, Galadil invoked her destiny to summon forth Rivornwen herself, to confront the remnants of her ancient enemy. The great hero of the past chased away the lingering cloud of black gas.


Accompanied by the revitalized Rivornwen, the Heroes made a triumphant return to Orlanth’s Blessed Realm. And there was much rejoicing.


Your Servant,



Huginn’s Fables are the session summaries from the Fortress of Crows cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.




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