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Becoming Reviewed, the game of Adversarial Roleplaying


As I mentioned previously, top of my list for new games to try in 2014 is Becoming, by Brian Engard.

Becoming Play


I backed the Kickstarter for this game, and now the pdf of the rules is available to buy. This is a superb game that offers a fresh experience to the Players. Becoming includes a short story by Will Hindmarch and is edited by John Adamus.


Becoming is a perfect game for me to run as an Interlude.


Becoming a new Hero

The basic premise of the game is that a Hero goes on a quest, bargains with temptation along the way, and ends up changed by the process. The added appeal is that the other Players take turns at tempting the Hero, offering aid in the current obstacle at a cost to an ability. What, or who, is the Hero prepared to risk to win the quest? This is a fascinating balancing act for the Hero.


The standard format for Becoming is a four-player game. One Player takes on the role of Hero, while the others play Tempters, who set obstacles in front of the Hero, or tempt the Hero with conditional offers to potentially help the Hero overcome the current obstacle.


As it is the other Players tempting the Hero, Becoming is a competitive game. This design shows how a truly competitive RPG can work. Each Player, both the Hero and the three Tempters, score points independently. The individual victory point tallies ensures that even the Tempters compete with each other.


Spice is further added to the mix, by putting the Hero’s abilities and allies on the line. If the Hero fails at a task, then some or all of the risked abilities will be damaged in some way. Of course, the Hero may choose not to risk any abilities, but may then fail at the current stage in the quest. Becoming carries with it some intriguing dilemmas.

Weaving it all into a story

The pdf of Becoming is now available on DriveThru.


Along with the rules of play, there is some excellent advice about running the game. Brian also includes advice on hacking the Becoming rules to play with fewer Tempters, or even with two Heroes. This adds greater flexibility to the possibilities of Becoming.


Finally, there are four scenarios included in the book. Long Live the King is a traditional fantasy quest to overcome a tyrant king. Exodus is a science fiction game about the search for a new home for humanity. The Witching Hour is a modern horror game, with parallels to a certain black-and-white film about a witch. Finally, there is The Long Road Home about a soldier returning from a desert war.


Becoming is a fresh approach to roleplaying that offers a unique challenge to the Players.
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