Dec 14

November 2016 Reviewed


TalesOfAGM CrossAll the way back in January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2016.


I keep these goals in focus by writing regular updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


My review of November is sadly overdue, yet another casualty of my laptop woes. This was also true for my October review. I just hope I can recall what I achieved in November for each category.


Blogging Resolutions

November traffic to Tales of a GM was a tiny rise from October. The likely cause of this was the enforced break in posting caused by my laptop failure. Last month I also ran the seventh round of the Storm & Shield contest. This was not a huge success, but I did receive one more entry than the previous contest. Despite the issues with my laptop, November was an average month for the blog. Blogging score 3/5.


Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

The big achievement for November was the release of an updated version of my first Storm & Shield pdf. This was launched in conjunction with the Versatile Vehicles contest I was running on the blog. I hoped to release the Versatile Vehicles pdf in November too, but that was not to be. It was a relief to finally have all the Storm & Shield pdfs on DriveThruRPG. I expected more from the month, but had to delay the second pdf. Freelance score 3/5.


Read about the launch of Storm & Shield: Prime and Nemesis here.



Fiction Resolutions

The self-help writing program continues to splutter along. So often, this course loses time to other projects. The absence of the laptop proved great for my reading, but little progress elsewhere. Reading a variety of fiction is good for me, and not always something I do. However, this is not enough for a good mark for November. Fiction score 2/5.



Gaming Resolutions

Roleplaying did not suffer as much through November. We concluded the Fortress of Crows story arc with an overall winning finale for the Heroes. I also played the first game of Basic D&D with eldest. This short session almost ended with the death of the thief in the first room, which is probably a fair representation of classic D&D. Hopefully we will play again over the Christmas break. This made two great gaming achievements in November, leading to full marks in an otherwise disappointing month. Gaming score 5/5.



November 2016

The final score for the month is a distinctly average 13/20. This was only to be expected as my laptop problems took up a lot of time in the middle of the month. I am very pleased to have settled into my new laptop. December is a tricky month, as so much effort is devoted to the Christmas prep. Regardless, I shall push on as best I can, and hope to match the score for November.


Anyway, how are your resolutions developing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming



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