Dec 15

Reading Around: Tripoint


MMD-2016-Reading-ChallengeAs a result of my digital issues last month, I completed the 2016 Reading Challenge. I did wonder if I could read twelve titles in the year. I am thankful I found the time to complete the challenge. Anne launched this project at her Modern Mrs Darcy blog.



The final book to discuss is my twelfth challenge. This book qualified under number 12: a book you have already read at least once. The book was Tripoint by CJ Cherryh. I have more books by CJ Cherryh than any other writer, although only a small fraction of her many works.


I am especially fond of her SF, notably her Merchanter Universe series. Tripoint is part of this setting, and thus an easy choice for me to round out the 2016 Reading Challenge. The cover blurb describes the book as follows:


The great powers are at peace – but private conflicts are eternal: witness the blood feud between the Merchanter ships Sprite – crewed by the several-hundred member Hawkins family – and Corinthian, a ship suspected of trading with pirates and smugglers. But this rivalry isn’t mercantile; it’s fuelled by Sprite Cargo Chief Marie Hawkins’s vendetta against Corinthian Captain Austin Bowe, a burning crusade that has warped Marie’s life, driving her half mad. When both ships dock at Mariner space station, Marie vanishes. Fearing that she is bent on vengeance – a vengeance that might jeopardize Sprite’s trading status and future – Marie’s 23-year old son Tom tries to find and stop her, only to be shanghaied aboard Corinthian.


Tripoint is a great example of Cherryh’s Merchanter setting. The central characters are merchants, the spacer families who facilitate trade between the scattered stations of humanity. I love the strong characters, the fascinating setting and the way the plot speeds along expecting the reader to keep up.


I always enjoy her books. The dialogue is sparkling, and the plot compelling. If anything, I would like more details about the workings of the starships. These books also remind me of games of Traveller thirty years ago.


Where next?

The 2016 Reading Challenge is complete, so I am now reading freely for the rest of the year. I enjoyed the structure of the challenge, but want to try something different in 2017. I will save the announcement for the New Year.


The previous 2016 Reading Challenge book was The Silamarillion by JRR Tolkien.


Happy Reading



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