Dec 22

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 4


  • Rules booklet
  • Plot concerns
  • Time restrictions


Christmas Eve is nearly upon us, which means the time for the latest Interlude. Overall, progress has been good. I bundled together all the various rules sheets into a folder, and hopefully will find the table I need quickly on Saturday. I remain a little overawed by the relative complexity of the Savage Worlds, but if I can provide the Players with a fun story, then we can skip over the tricky parts of the rules.


And here is my last concern. Despite basing the game on a familiar story, I am yet to settle on the overall plot. So far, I have a basic premise for the Heroes, and the outline of a starting scene. Beyond that, I am a little hazy, One idea occurred to me earlier today, and I may have to run with that as time is short. There is always the possibility the Players will create their own plot, as they play around with their Heroes and a version of Victorian London.


However, I need to have a standy-by plot ready. Likewise, I need to ready at least a few opponents for Savage Worlds. I can guess at a couple of potential foes, so should make notes about them. I suspect Savage Worlds will not prove so easy to improvise as the usual HeroQuest ones.


So, I have what is left of tonight, plus whatever time I can squeeze out of tomorrow. There has to be some space for game prep tomorrow, especially in the evening. I often find plot-creation comes together quickly. Thus, I remain hopeful there will be a fair selection of story elements ready for the Interlude.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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