Dec 27

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 1


  • Christmas Interlude
  • Preparing Microscope
  • Campaign Brainstorming


Four of the seven potential Players turned out on Christmas Eve for the Savage Worlds interlude. Heroes were quickly chosen and the game began in media res, outside the offices of Scrooge and Marley. Immediately, the Players chose to act, rather than wait for the office to close.


Thus, I had the chance to roleplay Scrooge, which was a bonus. The plot rattled along quickly, as the mechanics gave the Heroes a surprising advantage. We all had fun, but the game was not the challenge I anticipated.


However, we can now move on to brainstorming the next story arc. Many of the Players are busy on New Years Eve, so the next step in the creation process will wait until the following weekend. We shall begin with an opening game of Microscope. Hopefully we can pull together more than two participants for that game. Thus, my next task is to prepare to run Microscope. I need to buy more index cards, and review my rules handouts.


I will also revisit my article about Microscope.


Beyond this game, we planned out two further brainstorming sessions. I must also use this time to prepare the updated social contract, and the streamlined version of HeroQuest Glorantha character generation. I must re-design the character sheet to reflect the new process. One of the aims is to create interesting characters in a single session. This also leaves more scope for the Heroes to grow during the story.


As we are still in the middle of the holidays, these limited goals are more than enough for me.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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