Dec 28

Christmas Subscriber Drive 2016


As 2016 slowly loosens its grip on us, my thoughts turn to my achievements through this challenging year. I am yet to make any headway with my fiction writing, but I am proud of my self-publishing record. This year I launched eight pdfs, including the “missing” two issues of Storm & Shield compilations.


See my Books page for more details.


Likewise, the blog continues to grow. However, there is always room for greater improvement. To this end, I want to remind you of my current gift to subscribers to the newsletter. Through December, everyone who joins my email list receives a voucher for a free copy of my latest pdf, The Best of 2015.


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This voucher expires when 2017 rolls in, so act quickly. The Best of 2015 is currently available on DriveThruRPG for $1.99, but you can sign up to my newsletter and receive a FREE copy for the rest of the month. The pdf was awarded a FIVE STAR rating with the following review:


Tales of a GM is a blog that’s always filled with neat tidbits, amusing anecdotes and helpful advice for a variety of games, both general and specific. I missed a few of these articles so I’m especially happy to have gotten this.



The Best of 2015 can now be downloaded from DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


I hope to welcome you to my newsletter soon.


Happy Gaming



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